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  • Feeling the effects of holiday indulgence already!

  • Anyone else already feeling the wrath of holiday indulgence? I am, unfortunately. How are you dealing with the sweet treats everywhere you turn this time of year? How do you maintain your weight loss or management goals this time of year? I find it quite challenging. Tips and tricks greatly appreciated!

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  • Thanks Wendy,

    I think that I will rely on the notifications as it worked this time. I wanted the snowman nutcracker and actually still want the cleaning items. They seem to be very popular and I mean the brush type also. Every single one was out, so I will hold off. I did get the one for the kitchen and that is why I decided to order. I am thinking the holiday ones are not going to show up. I mentioned them before and hope that they come out with them next year. Really a cute idea and makes for a better approach to dealing with washing dishes. I will hope they will have them for other seasons as well. I lost some items on my wish list somehow and so will be working on it to make shopping easier.

    Hi For2Day!

    I am sorry to hear that the items you were looking at were not available. I thought those dish ones were very cute and would be surprised if not available for next year. When I was in the big city last week I did stop in to see if our old Kmart had them, unfortunately they did not. I had spoke to an associate and she had mentioned that they sold quick for stocking stuffers, which was my thought too. LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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