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  • Favorite way to use apples during harvest season?

  • My mom makes the most amazing apple crisp! I would have to say this is one of my favorite recipes we generally reserve for harvest time. What are your favorite recipes this time of year?

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  • I use to bake and can quite a bit when the kids were younger but have not done so in many years.

    Maybe next year would be a great time to restart up again, especially with all the fruit trees my sister and brother have on their properties.

    For myself, my favorite recipe is Cherry Pie! Yummm!

    I may have to taste-test both of your attempts to agree, LOL :) ! Fall is indeed here and I love it !


    I would love to try some apple crisp! That is one that I have not had in years! I sure miss my grandmothers cooking, pies and pastries! Good times!

    Now that I am a Grami myself, I think it is time to start some new memories to add to the old!

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