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  • Do you have a fantasy football league? How is your season going so far?

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  • All the boys in my house are somewhat obsessed with their fantasty football teams. This is almost ALL the talk at the dinner table these days. Who is playing who, who is injured, how many points they are predicted to get, etc…

    It is really fun for them and for their friends. My 2 boys are in a league with a group of their buddies and there is lots of trash talking at school. It puts a fun twist on watching the games now!

    With the younger crowd at work, this is definitely floating around on the lips of many !
    I don’t have a team, nor do I watch any of the games, but I always ask one of our local ‘champions’ of the FF world annually “has the fantasy thing affected the game in an obvious way yet?”

    So far it hasn’t, or so it appears…. (‘ ‘,)

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