Chit Chat : Cyber Monday

  • Do you plan to shop Cyber Monday?

  • This day is fast becoming as exciting and anticipated as Black Friday. Do you get a jump start on your Christmas shopping during Cyber Monday? What deals did you find last year? Anything special you are hoping to find this year?

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  • I will definitely be shopping Cyber Monday this year! I always try to get a little in on that day-it is less intimidating to me than heading out in the crowds on Black Friday.

    Last year I honestly just bought my boys some pants and winter gear. It was on sale and they needed both, so I took advantage of the day. I am a last minute Christmas present shopper, unfortunately, and have never gotten my list together in time to take advantage of the big sales! Maybe this year!

    I have missed out on the last 2 years, but am hoping to jump on it this year.

    I do have a list going for the little one, so that will be my main focus when shopping this year! My kids really have not mentioned anything that they need yet, so my hope is that they give my some hints before to long. LOL

    I am HOPING that the Xbox has some sort of deal on Cyber Monday. I am biting the bullet and getting one for my boys this year. Can’t wait to see what the deals will be!

    I am trying to shop now and though I spent hours looking this past week on-line, ended up buying nothing. This happened last year too. I am waiting here on my wish list for small items to come in and think they must be a popular item. So, with the shipping changing have to wait to get things all at once. I did purchase something recently after debating whether to go via Sears or Kmart. I think that I like the use of wish lists and rather take my time to get my items added to there and purchase when it works out. Sometimes the sales or offers are better the rest of the year depending on your items desired. I am going to take a look anyway.

    Hi For2Day! – I had been looking this past week too, but nothing really caught my eye yet. I do however still have my products in my wishlist, so I am hoping that on Monday I will find some great deals on these products, nothing big, just small appliances for my kids.

    Julie- I was just talking to my son the other day on which game system he was thinking of purchasing. He was going back and forth on the Xbox One and the new PS4, and finally settled on the PS4 last night. I talked to him this morning and is was so jazzed, took me back to when he was 10 and received his first PlayStation, so excited about the graphics he could barely speak! LOL

    My fingers are crossed that we all receive some great deals!

    How long is the coat sale going to last? I quickly took a look and actually would like something that is longer and can be worn with anything. I saw the prices were really good, but can’t commit to buying anything because I have never shopped in the actual store. Worse yet, I have never bought clothing from Kmart so have no idea of the sizing. I tend to like my jackets or coats large but rather not have it slide off me either. I did a search but not sure if I turned up everything. I did two but the last one was womens coats. Is there something more specific to search under to find them and will they be bringing more on-line for sale?

    Hi For2Day,

    What coats were you looking at while shopping online? I was able to pull up under “women’s outerwear” too. For “new arrivals – 60 or 90 days, you can find on the left hand side of page for further sales.

    There looks to be quite a bit of great sales for “Cyber Monday”!

    I think the sale was 50 off yesterday for some I was looking at and I have to check my wish list. I can see them displayed clearly with what you found. I was hoping for something in the blue range or other than black, so thought maybe I would wait and see what else comes in. Thanks Wendy, I think that I will just keep adding to the wish list and order when I need the items. Trying to still figure out the sewing and craft sections as not sure what is there. Seems to be a lot. I just wonder if they ship the items I may want.

    Sounds good For2Day! I have typed in “craft and sewing” for all departments and there is a nice selection for you to check. I hope this helps in finding what you are looking for!

    Once you add an item to your cart and click on “checkout” it will display whether they can ship/pick up in store next to the product.

    Let us know if you have further questions or need help with anything!

    Happy Sunday!

    No, “online layaway” doesn’t work; it’s a broken failure.

    The deals for computers are better at Walmart anyway.

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