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  • denied nowleaseit

  • I was wandering why I was not approved of the leaseitnow loan.

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  • Hi, griffinmonishiag. Welcome to MyKmart! I am very sorry to hear about this. Please contact the Why Not Lease It Customer Support Team for additional support by phone at 1.855.949.6685 or by email at

    Hope this helps!

    Seems like every other person is denied

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have to pull teeth to get a straight answer and quick responses? I’ve been calling every day for 3 days now and I’m always being told the call volume is too high or to wait 10-20 min. I sent a message 3 days ago and still haven’t gotten a response…grrrr!

    I applied and the same thing happen to me. call the number that was given, the agent told me to email them, this was 4 days ago. no one return any of my emails. I think it was a scam to get people personal information. what gives kmart.

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