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  • I ordered a PS4 back in august and was just informed today that my order was canceled. The reason changes when I contact them, none of which are valid. One said my payment wouldn’t go through, but that isn’t true, and even if it were they should give the option to update the info or give a different card or something. The other 3 people I talked to said they were out of stock was the reason. I have been a loyal customer ever since I was an employee of KMart years ago. The nearest KMarts all closed so being loyal has become quite inconvenient, but I do it. I run a company and do majority of my shopping there. This is not the first poor customer service I’ve had, but I am afraid it will end up being the last.
    They simply cancel the order. I didn’t need it launch day just before Christmas, but no, they cancel the entire thing like it wasn’t there. I passed up several opportunities since then to preorder because I thought I had mine secured. I know many people that ordered after me elsewhere that are still good to go. Needless to say I am ver disappointed and will be making a trip back to KMart within the week with a very large return order for items that I now feel should have been purchased elsewhere.

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  • Hi, thedredman. Welcome to MyKmart! Sorry to hear about this. An error email has been sent to about 222 customers who received a cancellation email. The others who received a cancellation but no apology email are due to credit declines. We’re encouraging Members to check your Order Status at Please feel free to reply here with any additional questions or concerns after checking your order status.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out here!

    Nope, still shows canceled. Nobody seems to be able to fix this. Kmart has been declining for years and if his is the way you handle customers I understand the problem. I have had had much smaller problems at other stores that customer service has gone to much greater lengths to either fix or make right some other way. I have had heads of departments fix issues personally, and I still work with those companies. Hard to say if it’s simply the amount I spend or if they are that much better at customer service with everybody. People apologize here but do nothing to fix the problem.

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