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    Not to be a Debbie downer here, but it’s sorta disappointing.

    But so goes with Walmart and Best Buy. Target has one or two good deals, but neither of the big three compares to what was offered last year.

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  • Hi vampirevsrobot!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us on your thoughts of this year’s ad’s and am sorry that you are disappointed with them!

    Are you looking for specific items for gifts this year and were hoping to find them on Black Friday?

    Thanks for the response, actually I was just trying to start a thread with comments in them.

    But yes, I didn’t feel this years ad matched anywhere near last years ad.

    Correct me if I’m wrong (and I probably am)

    But didn’t Kmart have a 50 inch TV last year 299.99 (or less)?

    It doesn’t matter now, I was just curious.

    I think the big sale is Thanksgiving, two different ads. I haven’t seen it this years ad but in other years that was the case.

    I saw one item in the Black Friday ad for Kmart I’m planning to buy, usually I just show up without anything specific in mind because I always end up walking out with a really full cart anyway. Finding great deals seems to come easy for me, guess living on a tight budget for so long does that. lol

    The nintendo wii u that is bundled…does anyone know if other types of bundles are available or just the one in the circular?

    Hi tennis298!

    Currently I am only seeing the Nintendo Wii Black Bundle w/ Wii Sports Wii Sports Resort at this time!

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