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  • Hey there, gang ! A tired Yobarps is back among friends after a work-filled refuel outage at our power plant ! I’m happy to have returned to regular hours and the Community for enlightenment !…. I hope that you’ve all been nice and not naughty in getting ready for Dec.25TH :) :):) !

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  • Hey there Yobarps!

    Its great to have you back with us in the Community!

    I look forward to your wonderful participation!

    Glad to hear that night shift’s have been completed and hope you are getting caught up on your rest.

    Happy Sunday!

    Happy Sunday, and a tremendous huggg for you Wendy ! I think that I’ll watch a couple of those Christmas favorites today as I reacquaint myself with my easy chair, during the Wintry weather outside later today :) !


    I have my grand-daughter staying tonight and we will be doing the same thing. Last Monday when she stayed we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas for which she sat and giggled for most of it. She actually fell asleep before getting to the ending haha

    Enjoy your relaxing Sunday as you adjust back into your normal routines in that comfy easy chair. :-)


    we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas for which she sat and giggled for most of it :-)

    That’s very charming ! And I think that one will start me off tonight, LOL !

    Its a great one that’s for sure! I do not think I will ever grow out of those special holiday Charlie Brown movies! LOL

    Oh oh someone called for us to be naughty. I have to learn this on the Kmart site? Well, I am loving it here then and will be glad to learn something. Jokes aside, I love the Charlie Brown Christmas and my computer stopping me in mid-sentence because of shockwave whatever wanting me to report. I am exhausted and my points are going to expire without those popular items coming in. Can we stop everyone from ordering them in the stores so on-line customers get a shot at buying them. I have bad luck ordering sometimes but not really referring to here. I have ordered and then within hours the item was in stock. I have till the 11th I think and really rather have the free shipping by ordering all at once. If I can pull something together on 1 order as I need a higher $$$ amount. The two are low priced and cleaning items. I did a study or many because somehow apparently I qualify big time for cleaning. So, I saw they have some useful stuff here. I rather buy the less expensive one, but okay it is more colorful and rather be cheered up somehow as I clean. So, can Kmart make someone happy instead of unhappy when they have to clean? Well happy is too big a word-unless someone else does the cleaning.

    Hi For2Day ! I hope that you can get your order done before your points expire. Perhaps might be useful to you. I had good luck with the vacuum filters that I ordered from, but those aren’t popular by any means… They were an excellent deal in bulk though :)

    It’s great to hear from you (^^,!!!

    Welcome back yobarps!!!! I think I’ve told you before, but my Dad works for a power company as well and he often talks about how exhausting ‘outages’ are and getting ‘scrubbers’ back ‘online’. HA! I don’t fully understand what all of those terms mean but understand that those days are truly exhausting. Long hours! Happy to see you back with us. Happy Holidays my friend. Hope you have some time off coming up!

    I don’t know if it will be coming back into stock. It is the Essential Home Brand Palm Scrub Brush Dish Soap Dispenser, and regular price is 3.99. Certainly would be nice not touching the disgusting usual dish cleaners that fall apart and same for dropping my liquid soap all over. I probably will use it for other things as well, just get 2. It is a light green and white and not something I can put together myself. I have to decide if I have to go with boring instead by tomorrow. I also see that bath and bowl scrub Brush (Smart Sense brand) is really cheap and does not seem to be shipped. If they work, and I ever get my hands on them, I will take your suggestion yobarps and buy more than 1. That one is 2.79 and to not touch the disgusting sponge and get back cramp, neck cramp, and more. If you have seen either, would love to hear your review.

    Hey there, Laurel !
    The plant gets thousands of traveling workers, traveling to each plant during refuel outages of the nation’s power plants. And the union house workers like myself get matched hours for our portions of required maintenance, which put us on 12hr shifts for approx. 45 days ! Glad it’s all over with !
    Happy Holidays, my lovely friend !

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