Chit Chat : Black Friday

  • Are you making your Black Friday shopping list yet?

  • The BIG day will be here before we know it! Are you already preparing for the day? If so, what’s at the top of your shopping list this year?

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  • I decided to make Black Friday shopping a yearly tradition after my first experience doing so at Kmart three years ago a few months after I purchased my home.

    We went to a very tiny Kmart on Miller Road in Flint Michigan and everything went so smoothly from the moment the doors opened. It was very nice of the store manager to bring coffee out to us standing in the VERY COLD almost near blizzard weather that morning. :-)

    Since that year we’ve just gone to the Saint Johns MI Kmart on Black Friday due to a larger selection of products being a bigger store and an awesome restaurant down the road we hit up after our shopping is done.

    My best friend is crazy enough to do this so I ran the idea by her of putting a tent out at Kmart this year, camping out to be the first ones in just because we could. I wonder if they would let us plug my Keurig machine into the outlet I know is by the door if I bought all of my coffee and supplies we’d need for the camp out at Kmart? Flash my VIP Gold card if anyone asks questions.

    My daughter and I are still debating on whether to partake this year. We have moved into quite a small Community that it may be worthwhile to attempt this year. I am really not good with big crowds so this may just work for us this year.

    Wouldn’t that be great Izel if there was an outside outlet for you? You can just imagine how many customers waiting would be asking for a cup! Love it!

    I’m on the lookout for a good deal on one of those PRIMO water coolers. My parents need one for their kitchen. My mom has one of those bad single water bottle habits so with one of those coolers, we can always exchange their empty jugs out when we go to Kmart. In turn, I receive my points keeping my VIP SYWR status. ;-)

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