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  • Are You Making Crafts For Thanksgiving?

  • Each year my kids and I would make a homemade craft to take to either their grandparents or other relatives whom ever was hosting our holiday meal. This was such a huge hit with the family that we ended up having to make 4-5 each holiday instead of just the one.

    These weren’t big crafts and items used were found outside in the yard or when going for walks. We had made turkeys with pine cones and used leaves for feathers, hand turkeys using small sticks (somewhat like the hand turkeys made in the schools)with leaves and acorn, collage table mats etc.

    Of course we had other craft ideas for Christmas, but since it is close to Thanksgiving, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else had great ideas to share.

    Now that my grand-daughter is 3 my daughter and I will begin the tradition again and new ideas would be wonderful and fun to try.

    Hope to see some great shares of thoughts and ideas!

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  • I won’t have time for Thanksgiving crafts this year but just did a quick search on Pinterest for ‘Thanksgiving crafts’ and found a ton of adorable ideas! Pinterest is usually my go-to site for DIY and crafts. I love the idea of your family keeping this tradition alive. You will have to share the project with us when it’s done!

    My favorite idea sourced from Pinterest ( A ‘Thankful’ Book shaped from the child’s hand!

    That is a very cute idea! I am going to have visit Pinterest and see what else they have!

    Thank you for sharing Laurel!

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