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Spice up the Staycation with Backyard Fun

Staycations are a great way to save money, but they’re not good for recharging the battery if you don’t find new ways to enjoy what’s around you. Part of the reason people get away is to get out of the routines they’re in and start fresh. You can do that without getting away, but it helps to mix things up and have some fun. One of the first places to start is right in your backyard. Actually it is your backyard. Some fun new games like sacks (or bags), badminton, lacrosse and horseshoes can… See More

How to Combat Helmet Hair

Safety is important when you’re traveling on two wheels. Some helmets even look cool. But what about when you take the helmet off? Helmet hair can put a damper on the good intentions of saving gas and keeping fit by riding to work. Luckily, with these tips you don’t skip safety to salvage vanity.
Pack a few hair-care essentials
A light spritzing gel can give life to flattened hair. When you arrive at your destination, find a discrete spot to quickly spritz your hair and finger-tousle it into… See More

Get Ready for Summer and Outdoor Entertaining

As the days lengthen and temperatures warm, it’s time to transform your backyard into an oasis for gatherings with friends and family. Whether planning a garden party to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or hosting a weekend barbecue for the neighbors, decorating for an outdoor party must incorporate five essential elements.
Any backyard party needs ample seating arranged to encourage conversation and allow for easy movement between tables or areas set aside for eating, drink preparation… See More

Open up Your Backyard with a Cozy Campfire

There’s so much fun waiting to be had—right in your backyard. Sure, it’s fun to get away, but maybe you wouldn’t want to get away as much if your backyard were a little cooler? Actually, a little warmer – with a fire pit.
Backyard Fire Pits
Portable fire pits are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply fill it with wood and light a fire. You don’t need a permanent space dedicated for your backyard fire, and it can move with you.
Maybe you don’t want to wait around for your fire to catch…. See More

Trampoline Safety Tips for High Flying Fun

Backyard trampolines can provide hours of family fun. But they can also pose some risks if simple rules aren’t followed. Here are 7 simple rules that will keep you bouncing safely.
Make sure an adult is supervising
Because kids who are 15 and younger account for nearly two-thirds of all trampoline injuries*, parental supervision is a must.
No children under age 6
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends allowing only children older than 6 on a full-size trampoline.
Use a safety… See More

3 Essential Tasks for Fall Lawn Cleanup

Fall is a great season for lawn and garden cleanup and one of the best times to prepare for lush growth during the next spring. The cooling temperatures and occasional to moderate rainfall experienced by many areas of the country create ideal conditions for a lawn to absorb the nutrients and moisture needed before it falls dormant during the winter season. A few simple fall lawn care steps can help prepare your lawn for the next spring and summer.
Mow to maintain lawn health
Fall is not the time… See More

Reseeding Your Lawn

After summer’s harsh weather, your lawn may be looking a little scraggly. Seeding a lawn in the fall is a good way to breathe new life into your landscape. The cooler fall weather provides the perfect conditions for seed germination, and there is less competition from weeds.
When you learn how to reseed your lawn, the seeds you put down now will result in a lush carpeting of green come spring.
Steps to seeding your lawn

Prepare to put down seed by mowing your lawn shorter than usual, which… See More

Teach Your Child to Appreciate Nature

Childhood is a time full of wonder. As adults, we sometimes take for granted so much of the beauty in nature, but your innocent little one is in awe of the mystery of everything around her. Even tiny babies are naturally drawn to animals, flowers, sunshine and rain puddles. The beauty of nature to can have a calming and somewhat healing affect; children instinctively feel this and respond genuinely to nature and all its wonder.

Whether you live on a farm, in a suburb or in a big city, use these… See More

Plan an Apple Picking Outing with Kids

Fall Fun – Apple picking outing
An apple picking outing is a popular family tradition in autumn. It gets the kids out in the fresh air and shows them food doesn’t only come from the supermarket. Choose a pick-it-yourself orchard with dwarf trees your kids can reach and you’re set for a fun fall day.
In some areas, universities and college extensions include orchards on their grounds. Some counties feature farm-parks to teach children about pioneer times. Commercial orchards usually offer corn mazes… See More

Three Great Apple Recipes

On one thing almost every family can agree—apples are delicious! You can’t go wrong with these three fall apple recipes.

Best Homemade Apple Pie
It doesn’t matter if you make this homemade apple pie recipe with a store-bought pastry crust or make your own; it’s what’s inside that’s important.
Ingredients (8 servings)

2 12-inch pie shells (for top and bottom)
2/3 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3 tablespoons all purpose flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2… See More

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