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Family Fun with Easter DIY Crafts

Easy DIY Easter crafts
Dress your kids in bunny ears for Easter. Make ears by stapling or gluing construction paper ears to a paper headband that circles a child’s head above the eyebrows. First, help kids draw and cut out two long graceful ears. Have them color a pink center on the front of each oval, to look like the inside of the ear. Wrap a paper band around the child’s head, mark the size, remove and staple. Staple or glue the ears to the inside of the back of the band (with the prongs of… See More

Setting Up an Easter Egg Hunt

Plan an Easter egg hunt the whole family will enjoy. Use plenty of eggs and add some unusual rules to keep the kids interested. The adventure of an egg hunt lets kids burn off energy, and the thrill of each find makes for a memorable holiday.
Children’s Easter activities
Communities, clubs and churches host Easter egg hunts. They’re fun for older kids, but some young children may be overwhelmed by the crowd. For this reason, you may want to have a family egg hunt or a hunt with one or two other… See More

Easter Activities that Make Memories

Easter activities for kids bring families closer. Add some hollow eggs to your Easter egg hunt this year, and use them to hide stickers, temporary tatoos, Goldfish or mini pretzels. Put stick-on letters on the plastic eggs, and challenge teams to spell out words. Or, have each kid find the letters that spell out his or her name. This way, it’s not all about the candy.

Another way to build happy memories is to do Easter crafts with your kids, to use as holiday decorations. Working together on crafts… See More

Great Valentine’s Day Recipes

If you’re looking for easy and creative food, Valentine’s Day is a fun time to experiment. Try at least one of the following simple Valentine’s Day recipes for a party or a special family night at home.

Decadent cheese-stuffed strawberries (serves 16)

Serve this unique combination for finger food on Valentine’s Day and expect to be asked for the recipe.


1/2 cup good-quality balsamic vinegar
3 ounces cream cheese (can use fat-free)
2 ounces crumbled blue cheese
16… See More

5 Romantic Ways to Propose on Valentine’s Day

February 14, the day dedicated to lovers, is a popular time for making wedding proposals. Ensure a resounding “Yes!” by popping the question in one of these 5 romantic ways.
Hunt for love
Make your proposal truly special by organizing an elaborate Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt that requires visiting some of the sites of the most significant moments during your relationship. Call to mind intimate memories by revisiting the places where you had your first date, first kiss and other memorable… See More

What Color Roses to Give Your Valentine

Sending a bouquet of roses can convey much more than “I love you.” Engaging in this Valentine’s Day ritual can also signify much less. Before you deliver the wrong message, learn what different colors of roses mean.

Red: The quintessential symbols of love and romance, red roses are appropriate Valentine’s gifts for your spouse, your fiancée or the person you’re currently dating and hope to marry. Giving a single long-stemmed red rose can be as meaningful as sending a dozen or more.
Pink:… See More

How to Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Making Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents, siblings and schoolmates at home allows children to express their creativity and personality. Here are 4 ways to help your kids produce simple, inexpensive cards for their friends and relatives.
Share Valentines that rule
A basic wooden school ruler can be converted into a cool, unique Valentine with the application of red construction paper or card stock and black marker. Use scissors to cut the paper into strips that are 8 inches long and 2 inches… See More

Origins and History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, celebrated each February 14, has long been the date dedicated to lovers celebrating their relationships and giving each other red heart-shaped chocolate boxes and adorable stuffed animals. But when and why did those traditions start?
Who was Saint Valentine?
The biography of the man who gave his name to Valentine’s Day is more a matter of inference than documented history. Various sources give different versions of St. Valentine’s life and martyrdom.
One legend depicts Valentine… See More

Make January Birthdays Special after the Holidays

A January birthday should never be given the short shrift in the wake of the holidays. Give Capricorns and Aquarians special attention and plan unique extravaganzas your friends or loved ones born in January won’t soon forget.
Paint the party red
Use the garnet, the January birthstone, and its rich, red color as an inspiration for celebrating an after-the-holidays birthday. Incorporate the theme into all aspects of the party. Print invitations on deep red cardstock, cover tables with red cloths… See More

10 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Drivers

If you plan to drive long distances to visit family and friends this holiday season, keep in mind that your trip could be more hazardous than at other times of the year. More people travel around the holidays, and early winter weather can cause dangerous road conditions.
Follow these tips to ensure you and your loved ones arrive at your holiday destination safely.
Get your car checked
One of the most important things to do before you hit the road is to get your car inspected. Make sure everything… See More

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