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10 Ways to Exercise With Your Child

As a busy parent, how can you fit exercise into your daily schedule? Work up a sweat with your kids, of course. Here are 10 activities to try.
Never view your child’s playtime simply as an opportunity to catch up on chores. Playing helps children develop crucial physical and mental skills, from imagination, creativity and coordination to dexterity and emotional and physical strength. Watching out the window may give you the impression that your daughter is just meandering aimlessly around… See More

Top 5 New Year’s Health Resolutions

Let this New Year be the one when you make and keep resolutions that improve your body and health.
Drink more water
Set yourself up for success by starting with a small and simple change to your lifestyle. When you get thirsty, grab a glass of water rather than a diet soda or sugar-sweetened beverage. Getting into the habit of drinking water reduces the number of calories you take in every day. Even better, a clinical trial reported in 2010 showed that people who drank 16 ounces of water before… See More

How to Survive Your Baby’s First Cold

Most parents dread the thought of their child getting sick, but the day will come when your child gets his first cold. In fact, it’s not unusual for an infant to suffer from as many as seven colds before turning one year old.
Your baby’s first cold can be scary for a new parent. Understanding how to minimize the risks for illness, knowing which symptoms warrant a call to your pediatrician, and when it’s OK to treat your child’s cold symptoms at home puts you in charge of this stressful situation.
Why… See More

7 Fitness Tips for Busy Lifestyles

Between work, family and everything else you’ve got going on, finding time to exercise can be difficult. Does the following sound familiar? Your oldest has a basketball game tonight, your youngest is starring in a play tomorrow night and your boss wants that big project on his desk by tomorrow morning.

In other words, there’s no time to lift weights or go on a five-mile jog. Fortunately, there are ways to work around nearly any busy schedule. Here are 7 great fitness tips that can be easily… See More

Benefits of Practicing Meditation and Yoga Together

Yoga is a wonderful tool for meditation. Many people who want to practice yoga and meditation find they don’t have time for both. Yoga classes already require that you go out of your way, and you probably have a hard time squeezing some meditation into your busy schedule. But have you considered doing both at the same time?
Yoga is very conducive for meditation as it’s essentially a breathing exercise. Sure, yogic practice comes with many different and difficult poses, but at the end of the… See More

How to Establish a Healthy Toddler Diet

Choosing healthy foods for toddlers is easy, and your toddler will happily eat good food if you introduce it gradually.

Best beginnings

Healthy eating for toddlers should begin before your baby becomes a toddler. He can taste his first solid foods at 4 to 6 months old, unless your doctor recommends otherwise.

To start solid foods, your child should have doubled his birth weight. If he pushes food out of his mouth as soon as it goes in, he’s too young. He should also be able to hold his… See More

Share Our Strength’s Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Kmart has been a longtime supporter of efforts aimed at supporting the health and well-being of America’s children. Continuing that tradition, Kmart and SHOP YOUR WAYSM (SYW) are joining forces with Sandra Lee to support Share Our Strength’s Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry™, a national fundraising initiative that encourages people to host bake sales in their communities to help end childhood hunger in America. With over 16 million kids who go hungry every day, Kmart and SYW are proud to support… See More

Drug-Free Relief for the Common Cold

Your throat is burning, you can’t stop sneezing and your nose has been running for days. You’re suffering from the common cold and despite it being a supposedly minor illness, you feel absolutely rotten. You want to do everything you can to shake off the symptoms, so here are some suggestions to help minimize the effects of the cold virus on your poor, suffering body.


As long as the sufferer is over 12 months old, honey can be soothing to the throat and could have an antibacterial effect…. See More

5 ways to boost your Heart Health

Your heart is a small organ, about the size of your fist, but it’s also a powerful one. It pumps an impressive quantity of blood each day, sending about 2,000 gallons of blood coursing through your blood vessels over a 24-hour period.

Unfortunately, heart disease is also the number one cause of death in Western countries. That’s why keeping this small “pump” pumping is vital for health and longevity. The good news? The lifestyle you lead has a direct impact on heart health.

Are you… See More

Get in Shape the Wii Fit Way

by Barb Hopkins

The health benefits of regular activity and exercise are many. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure, help you maintain a healthy weight and even boost your mood and energy level. Unfortunately for many, it’s easy to skip exercise because going to the gym is a hassle, workouts are boring and it’s often hard to find the motivation to be active every day. It can seem easier to sit in front of the computer screen or television. However, with the Wii Fit™ Plus, you can get… See More

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