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Terrarium How-Tos: Try Your Hand at the Newest Decorating Trend

Check out any garden center, decorating magazine or craft store, and you’ll spot one of the fastest growing trends in home décor: the terrarium. These classic little indoor gardens are cool again.

Here’s how to do it.

First, decide whether you want a soilless, sandy, or soil-filled terrarium. The materials and plants you use will depend on which you choose.

Next, gather your supplies. You’ll need:

For taller or self-contained terrariums, a transparent vessel, preferably one with… See More

Growing Gardeners

When it comes to fun spring activities for kids, gardening tops the list. Gardening with kids is an ideal family activity that is inexpensive and can be done right in your own backyard. The hobby doesn’t require a lot of space, or even land. Try these five kid-friendly gardening projects that nurture green thumbs.
1. Plant seeds
Seeds are an ideal way to teach kids about the cycle of life. Let your children choose a variety of vegetable and flower seed packets, which gives you the opportunity to… See More

Ground Covers for your Garden

There was a time when the term “ground cover” had me thinking of only plants that hugged the ground. Of course low-growing plants like woolly and creeping thyme, carpet bugle, blue star creeper and Irish moss were no brainers. But I learned long ago that when it comes to gardening–and to life for that matter–you’ll never experience the full beauty that lies beyond everyday standards unless you think outside the box.

Sure, ground-hugging plants like blue star creeper and pachysandra certainly… See More

Five Fragrant Plants to Add to Your Garden This Spring

As warm winds and gentle rains beckon you back to your garden this spring, consider transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of intoxicating smells. Here are five aromatic plants that will make your garden smell like heaven.
Tea olive tree
There are few aromas as incredibly sweet as the smell of Osmanthus fragrans. The tea olive tree loves warm, sunny spots and moist soil. Best of all, it blooms multiple times a year, showering its delicious perfume over passersby throughout the spring, summer… See More

Small-Space Vegetable Gardens!

If your space for gardening is limited, solving the problem takes only your imagination. With sun, moisture, and 8 to 18 inches of prepared soil, any plant will grow. Start by selecting plants that are especially compact or that can be trellised. Add to this approach intercropping and successive planting and you double and triple your harvests from even a very small space.
Vertical Gardens
Where there is little space to grow out, grow up. Many vegetables and some fruits grow just as well vertically… See More

Getting More Blooms from your Perennials

I remember our days as market growers when money was tight but my thirst for colorful flowers was growing by leaps and bounds. It was a no-brainer that it was time to put the familiar phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” into action. Simply put, that meant I needed to come up with ways to side-step the obstacles and make it happen.

With just a bit of inspiration and a few simple garden techniques, I was able to add more color to the garden and leave more green in the budget. Though times… See More

Start Planting Seeds with an Indoor Garden

Has spring fever hit you yet? You don’t have to wait until the last frost to plant seeds. An indoor garden is the perfect way to start plants you grow each year or to try seeds you’ve never planted before.

You can even plant an indoor garden if you don’t have an outdoor garden. Plants improve your home’s indoor air quality, enhance the appearance of your home and provide the perfect bonding experience for your family. Simply start seeds and grow them to maturity indoors with these seven… See More

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