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Getting More Blooms from your Perennials

I remember our days as market growers when money was tight but my thirst for colorful flowers was growing by leaps and bounds. It was a no-brainer that it was time to put the familiar phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” into action. Simply put, that meant I needed to come up with ways to side-step the obstacles and make it happen.

With just a bit of inspiration and a few simple garden techniques, I was able to add more color to the garden and leave more green in the budget. Though times… See More

Start Planting Seeds with an Indoor Garden

Has spring fever hit you yet? You don’t have to wait until the last frost to plant seeds. An indoor garden is the perfect way to start plants you grow each year or to try seeds you’ve never planted before.

You can even plant an indoor garden if you don’t have an outdoor garden. Plants improve your home’s indoor air quality, enhance the appearance of your home and provide the perfect bonding experience for your family. Simply start seeds and grow them to maturity indoors with these seven… See More

Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Protection: The first rule of gardening, as any seasoned gardener knows, is to protect your skin and your joints while gardening.  It’s all too easy to strain your back or develop a painful sunburn when you are focused on your garden.  First, start by applying a layer of Badger Sunscreen.  This all natural sunscreen has received the highest rating for safety from the Environmental Working Group.  It’s effective and doesn’t contain any potentially toxic or harmful chemicals.
A floppy, wide… See More

Growing Cabbage

As long as I can remember St. Patrick’s Day has always been associated with all things green, whether that be shamrocks, green beer, or simply wearing something green. Even green cabbage holds a special place of honor in corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, and Colcannon–a dish of boiled cabbage and mashed potatoes mixed with onions and butter.

St. Patrick’s Day is also a day that many associate with planting cabbage. For cool northern regions of the country it’s often the time to start cabbage… See More

Simple Ways to Reduce Water Use in Your Garden

The trend towards going green is extending to thumbs. More and more people are gardening; however there is a downside to the boom in planting. An increase in planting means an increase in water usage.
Why Worry About Water Usage?
We used to think of water shortages as something that only happened in Third World countries. Then the California water crisis hit and we had our wake-up call, and if the global peril of a shortage isn’t enough, consider your wallet, and the rising costs of the resource.

Fortunately,… See More

Tuning Up Your Lawn Mower

Tuning up your lawn mower at the beginning of each mowing season will prolong its life and help avoid costly repairs. Here’s what to do.
Step 1: Be safe

Start by reading all safety information in your lawn mower’s manual, especially about handling the blade and disconnecting the spark plug wire.

Wear heavy leather gloves and protective eye wear as you work.

Remove the spark plug wire. This important step prevents the lawn mower from starting accidentally during the tune-up.
Step 2:… See More

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