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Mulching for Spring

Mulching your garden provides a wide variety of benefits. Applying mulch inhibits weed growth, conserves moisture and even helps prevent pests and diseases. If you are considering mulching your flower beds, keep in mind the following techniques.
Choose your mulch
A variety of mulch options exist. Bark mulch is an attractive addition to the garden, and it breaks down slowly. It is especially effective around foundation items such as trees and large shrubs and in flower beds. Decomposed leaves and… See More

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Every year a group of workers safely rid our garden of insects’ pests. Actually, the workers are swallows–fabulous bug eaters and skillful fliers that come back every spring. This year they arrived about three weeks ago. Throughout the day and into early evening they are hard at work vigilantly catching bugs on the wing. In fact, one swallow can easily devour hundreds of pesky insects each day.
Create a Bird-Friendly Place
You can attract these and other backyard birds by providing basic creature… See More

Soil Testing

We’ve all done it as kids–played in the dirt, that is. And as kids we often referred to the ground in which plants grow as dirt. But the soil that sustains garden plants is so much more than plain dirt. Soil is alive and teeming with an intricate network of living organisms. In fact, one teaspoon of healthy garden soil contains more than 700 million living bacteria, protozoa, fungi and beneficial nematodes.

Healthy soil not only supports these living organisms, but it also provides support… See More

Pick the Right Mulch for the Job

Mulch provides a variety of benefits to your garden. In addition to conserving moisture, it protects soil microorganisms that increase the disease resistance of your plants and help control weed growth. Landscaping and garden mulch also breaks down over time, adding nutrients to the soil, and mulch makes the garden more attractive.

Familiarizing yourself with the following organic garden and landscaping mulches will help you pick the right mulch for the job.
Bark mulch
Chipped or shredded bark… See More

Your Kids and Your Garden

Your kids and your garden, two things you want to live in harmony but that’s easier said than done. Not all kids take to tending plants; after all, gardening can be hot and dirty, and it doesn’t offer immediate gratification. A child’s interest in gardening requires nurturing, just like a garden does.
Four Big Rules of Gardening with Children
These four guidelines will start you down the garden path with your offspring. How you put these guidelines into practice depends on you, your child and… See More

Gardening: Farm-to-Table Cooking

Home cooking allows you to select healthy recipes made from fresh, natural ingredients without the additives found in processed foods. Processed foods often contain high levels of sodium, saturated fats, chemicals and sugar. The average American eats as much as 22 teaspoons of sugar daily, much of it from processed foods. One of the healthiest and tastiest ways to ditch the processed foods is to indulge in farm-to-table cooking.
What is farm-to-table cooking?
Farm-to-table cooking begins with buying… See More

How to Plant a Salad Garden

I don’t know about you, but salad was always at the dinner table when I was a child. A lot of time has passed since then, but I still enjoy a salad nearly every day. Back then the salads of my youth consisted of plain iceberg lettuce and tomatoes swimming in dressing. Then I discovered the tasty side of salads made with gourmet greens tossed with lots of fresh veggies. So 20 years ago I decided to toss up our own garden-fresh gourmet greens and veggies by growing a salad garden. And so can you.

It… See More

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