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Featured Book: Zane by Brenda Jackson

From the Author:
I come from a large family, and when you are the oldest of six kids, there are quite a lot of stories to tell.  That’s one of the reasons I love writing family sagas.  My stories show the love, affection and devotion that exist between families even through disagreements.  There is nothing else like a family get-together or reunion.  Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, but when you and your family come together as one, you feed off the strengths.  That’s… See More

Something Wicked – Kmart Book Club Pick of the Month for June

Looking for a romantic suspense novel to set you mind free on vacation this summer? Look no further! Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush’s new release, Something Wicked is full of romance, suspense, and much more. Pick up your copy at select Kmart locations or buy your copy online now!

More about Something Wicked from

You Sense Him

Some refer to it as the Colony. To others, it’s a cult. But few locals in the Oregon coastal hamlet of Deception Bay have ever been invited to… See More

Featured Book: The Look of Love

In less than a month the first book in my New York Times bestselling Sullivan series, The Look of Love, is going to be available in print for the first time. I’m thrilled that readers around the world who still love a real, hold-in-your-hand, paper book will have the opportunity to enjoy the series that so many of my eBook readers are excited about. It will be a thrill for me to walk into a bookstore and see my Sullivans on the shelves!
Two years ago when I first started writing The Look of Love… See More

Featured Book: I Cross My Heart

Sometimes a book’s origins are buried in the mists of time, but I know exactly what prompted I Cross My Heart.  Three writing friends – Andrea Laurence, Rhonda Nelson, Kira Sinclair – and I get together twice a year and talk writing.  One spring we rented a lakeside cabin and decided to take out a pontoon boat to see if the experience might prove inspiring.

Turns out that motoring around that lake sparked creativity like nobody’s business.  We called it Pontoon Plotting, and I Cross… See More

Featured Book: A Brother’s Honor

I love writing family series, so when I was offered the opportunity to introduce a new family to Brenda Jackson readers, I couldn’t wait.  The new family is the Grangers, and there are three brothers – Jace, Caden and Dalton.  My readers have come to know and love my Madarises; the Westmorelands; the Steeles; the Montgomerys; the Bennetts; and the Masters, and I wanted the Grangers to fit right in with the others.

However, I wanted the Grangers to be different in some way, so I decided to… See More

“The Sisters Brothers” Book Review

by J. D. Fencer

This is the fictional tale of brothers Eli and Charles Sisters, both hired gunmen plying their trade in the 1850s American West, written by Patrick DeWitt. They work mainly for one client referred to only as The Commodore.

“The Sisters Brothers” recounts the brothers’ exploits riding down through Oregon and the arid plains of California in pursuit of one of their client’s enemies, a man who goes by the name of Hermann Kermit Warm. Warm’s sin is that he cheated The… See More

Bare It All Discussion with New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

Lori Foster fans wait no more! Get the inside scoop on Foster’s new release Bare It All and pick up you own copy at your local Kmart or online now.

By Lori Foster

Alice What’s-Her-Name
 Anyone who reads me knows that the focus of my books is usually the hero. He’s the driving force, the dominant character that talks to me and inspires my muse, and often keeps me awake at night demanding I get his story on paper. I love writing the heroes, and the female characters (equally strong-willed)… See More

Kmart Book Club Pick for the Month for May

Diana Palmer discusses Courageous, Kmart’s Book Club Pick of the Month for May!

By Diana Palmer

Several novels ago, a mysterious man showed up in one of my Long, Tall Texan series novels for Harlequin Books. His name was Grange and I knew hardly anything about him, except that he was a friend of the heroine in Heartbreaker. I really had no plans to include him in any future books.

But as is the case with some characters, he kept popping up in cameo appearances in other novels. I finally… See More

Fun Places to Read a Good Book

The beach is one of the great places to read a book that’s not exactly great literature. In fact, it’s perfect for beach books, those fast reads meant to be a vacation between two covers. A beach book is light and entertaining, and it almost always comes with a happy ending. It’s OK to read a beach book at the lake, too, or even in the backyard if you must.

You can also read beach books on planes and in waiting rooms. If you bring one with you, you avoid those picked-over magazines. The… See More

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The Community Blog is a place where you can discover countless posts about the things that interest you. So go ahead.

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