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Great Books to Read for Adults

Good stories told by clever writers never go out of style. And September is a great time to jump in and explore new worlds through a great book. Celebrate September and National Adult Literacy Month with any new book. It doesn’t matter what you read—just begin reading.
Whether your preferences lean toward historical romances or classic locked-room mysteries, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget about nonfiction books that can sweep you away to exotic places or transport you to a moment… See More

The Returned – Q&A with Author Jason Mott

1. The Returned raises some deep seeded questions about life and what happens after death. What would you like readers to take away from this story?

I would love it if readers came away with a two things: a desire to ponder some of the questions raised by the story and, perhaps more importantly, a desire to remember someone they’ve lost. In the end, our memories are what tie us most strongly to our loved ones who have passed away. Keeping those memories is important, I believe.

2. What are… See More

5 Benefits of Reading to Young Children

A child reaps many benefits from being read to long before he ever learns to read. Reading with your child provides you with an opportunity to connect with her on a daily basis. It also sets him up for a lifetime of academic, social and emotional success.
Promotes bonding
Your child wants to spend time with you from the day she’s born. Reading to your child, even when she’s a newborn, gives her a much-needed chance to cuddle up with you and hear your voice. Even before your baby understands… See More

Featured Book: To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham

From the Author:

I have a soft spot for barbarians. There’s something about a handsome alpha male that draws me in and wins my heart. And there’s no warrior as fierce as a Viking invader.

So often in these tales, the beautiful maiden is taken as the Viking’s captive. But in my new book, TO SIN WITH A VIKING, I wanted to twist the trope and make the Viking into the heroine’s captive. What would you do with a sexy Viking chained up in your house? I can think of a few things…

Irishwoman… See More

Featured Book: The Darkest Craving by Gena Showalter

From the Author:

For me, writing a book is all about the characters.  The hero in particular.  As I’m working, I often ask myself: Is he a man I’d want to fall in love with me?  You read that right.  I don’t need to know if I can fall in love with him—I so can!—but I’ve got to know if I want him coming after me with everything he’s got.  (Something I adore about novels: I can have as many book boyfriends as I want, and it’s not cheating.)

With The Darkest Craving, I had… See More

Featured Book: Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

From the Author:

Whiskey Creek is a fictional town modeled after Angel’s Camp, Coloma, Jackson, Sutter Creek and others founded during the gold rush in Northern California. If you’ve never visited these places, it’s like stepping back a century and a half. They’re atmospheric and unique and so much fun to visit.
Having such a vivid setting for these books makes them especially enjoyable to write, but it’s the characters that fuel my imagination. Loosely based on my oldest son’s clique,… See More

Featured Book: Willowleaf Lane by RaeAnne Thayne

From the Author:

I adore reunion stories. I find something so sweetly perfect in the idea of two people rediscovering each other when both are in a much better place to find lasting joy together.
WILLOWLEAF LANE, the fifth book in my Hope’s Crossing series (after BLACKBERRY SUMMER, WOODROSE MOUNTAIN, SWEET LAUREL FALLS and CURRANT CREEK VALLEY) is a little different from the typical reunion story. Candy shop owner Charlotte Caine has been in love with Spencer Gregory from the time she was a… See More

Featured Book: The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

From the Author:

When I start a new book there’s a moment of indecision.  Okay, panic.  It’s panic.  I ask myself if I have what it takes, if I’m up to the job.  I wonder about the people in the story, what they’re up against, what issues have to be resolved, what roles they play this time around.  It doesn’t last long.  Once I start writing, questions and answers begin to rise to the surface.

This time, with THE NEWCOMER, the second book in the Thunder Point series, that moment… See More

Featured Book: The Loner by Lindsay McKenna

From the Author:

The Wyoming series, set in and near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, centers around people whose lives have been touched, either directly or indirectly, by war and who have rallied together as a community to support one another.

In the first book in the series, The Loner, I wanted to bring PTSD into the spotlight and show how it can affect our country’s heroes. It is heartbreaking that our men and women who are returning from combat find little in the way of help upon their return… See More

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The Community Blog is a place where you can discover countless posts about the things that interest you. So go ahead.

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