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Great Book Series for Kids

A good book can offer more laughs, thrills, chills and grand adventure than a multiplayer video game. Kids of all ages should be encouraged to power down their devices each day and indulge in a good book. Book series offer a great opportunity to spend extended time with favorite characters, enjoying multiple story lines, adventures and pages of fun.
Ages 6 to 8
Book series popular with ages 6 to 8 feature books with great characters, relatable stories and tons of laughs.

Junie B. Jones, by Barbara… See More

Featured Read: Susan Mallery’s Evening Stars

From the Author: Too Much of a Good Thing

The difference between confident and cocky is a matter of degrees. So is the difference between kind and pushover, or hard-working and workaholic. Every positive aspect of a personality can become a negative if taken too far. What might be our greatest assets can become roadblocks to happiness and fulfillment. Think about this in terms of your own life. Which of your personal strengths is also a weakness?

Nina, the heroine of Evening Stars, is a nurturer…. See More

Featured Read: Atonement by BJ Daniels

From the Author:

I see cowboys every day where I live in Montana. Recently I crossed paths with a young cowboy with the most wonderfully worn boots—complete with tarnished silver spurs. He was pulling a horse trailer with his muddy pickup, wore worn jeans and a denim jacket, and he had his black cowboy hat pulled low. I almost asked him if I could take a photo of him—he was such a perfect cowboy for one of my books.

He was the real thing—a working cowboy.

My character Dillon Lawson… See More

Julia London – The Trouble With Honor Q & A

1.  If you had to pick a current movie actress to play the part of Honor Cabot, who would you envision playing the role?

- Hands down, Jennifer Lawrence.  She has the right amount of irreverence and joie de vivre that Honor Cabot possesses.

2.  What qualities does Honor have that are similar to the modern woman?

- Honor goes after what she wants and needs and is unapologetic for it.  I think women were so marginalized in the early nineteenth century that trying to solve her family’s… See More

Q&A with Bestselling Author Lori Foster

1.You’re known among readers for your take-charge, sexy, alpha-male heroes. What do you think are the qualities that make a hero “alpha”?

Honor would be number one. Alpha heroes always try to act with honor. They’re human, so they make mistakes, but it’s never out of deliberate cruelty, abuse or negligence. They can be serious, humorous, brooding or outgoing—but an alpha hero cares about others and acts with good intentions.

Alphas are also leaders. Not because they’re pushy, but because… See More

Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs

From the Author:

It’s always an unsettled time when a book I’ve written goes out into the world. Here is this project I’ve created, fussed and fumed over, revised, worried about and wept over; and then, in the months since turning it in to my publisher, virtually forgotten about.

Now, suddenly, this thing I’ve created is back in my face, like an adult child who left home and then boomeranged. I see it when I pass the books section of the grocery or drugstore. I see it featured in USA… See More

Christmas at Cardwell Ranch By B.J. Daniels

From the Author:
I get sentimental at Christmastime so when I was writing CHRISTMAS AT CARDWELL RANCH, I wanted to reunite a son with his father. Tag Cardwell had been estranged from his dad after his parents divorced and his mother moved him and his four brothers to Texas.
Now Tanner “Tag” Cardwell has come home for Christmas.
But from the moment he gets to Montana, Tag finds himself swept up in a mystery—one that involves the father he thought he knew.
When I was writing this book I wondered… See More

Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by RaeAnne Thayne

From the Author:

When I started the first Hope’s Crossing book, Blackberry Summer, several years ago, I never dreamed a rather unlikable secondary character in that book would become one of my favorite heroines ever.

In that first book, I needed a character who would provide a foil of sorts to the warm, caring heroine – someone who, while not necessarily a villainess, wasn’t a particularly nice person, either. Genevieve Beaumont provided that magnificently!

Through the first three… See More

Featured Read: Forsaken by B.J. Daniels

From the Author:

Some books steal your heart. Forsaken stole mine. I had wanted to do a story about an old sheepherder and his “tender,” a green young man who’d unintentionally hired on to help take two thousand sheep back into the Beartooth Mountains for three long summer months.

I’d interviewed an old sheepherder and his tender back when I was a newspaper reporter. The old sheepherder had said little, but the young tender had been delighted to see another human after such a long time in… See More

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The Community Blog is a place where you can discover countless posts about the things that interest you. So go ahead.

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