Tips for Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading

girl and dad reading tabletby Melissa Murphy

Getting your child to read more can be a formidable task. You can help by doing things like planning trips to the library, entering your kids into reading programs where they can earn prizes, and modeling good behavior by reading in front of them. Beyond that, what can entice your children to read more?

It’s a simple fact that the more kids read, the better they get at it and the more they’ll want to read. And with their success in school so heavily reliant on strong reading skills, it’s highly important to get them reading. Here are a few simple tips to help them become stronger readers.

Take them to see the movie. Folk wisdom says to read the book first, before going to see the movie adaptation of a popular book. But kids are more likely to pick up the book after they’ve enjoyed a great movie. It’s also easier for a young reader to follow the plot and characters when they’ve already had a visual reference and know what the story is about. As an added bonus, they’ll be more inclined to want to read the sequels in a popular book series.

Help them cultivate their interests. Most kids choose to read on their own when there’s something available that appeals to them. Try different genres like science fiction, humorous books, ghost stories, or short stories.

Make use of technology. In today’s world, there’s always a new gadget coming out on the market. Take advantage of their interest in exciting new technology to get your kids reading.  Let them read from your iPad, Kindle, Nook or tablet. Just because it’s not print on paper, reading is still reading.


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