Second Chances Await in Sand Castle Bay

By Sherryl Woods

As readers of my Chesapeake Shores series know, I absolutely love to write about big, complicated, funny families. My theory is that my fascination with these dynamics stems from being an only child. Since I grew up without siblings, I’ve made a writing career out of creating my own.

That’s certainly true in my latest trilogy — the Ocean Breeze novels — which kicks off in April with Sand Castle Bay. That will be followed in May by Wind Chime Point and in June by Sea Glass Island, all from MIRA Books.

For this new series set in a fictional coastal community on the North Carolina coast, the focus is on the three Castle sisters, their relationships with each other, with their workaholic father and with grandmother Cora Jane, who may be a southern version of Nell O’Brien from the Chesapeake Shores books. Goodness knows, she has plenty to say about her granddaughters and the men she believes belong in their lives.

As with many siblings in real life, there are rivalries. Youngest Castle sister Emily, the heroine of Sand Castle Bay, has a long-standing issue with oldest sister, Samantha. Only problem is, she has no idea how it started or what’s at its core. It’s explored over the course of all three books.

And, as with most siblings, these three women have been shaped by the events of their childhood. Discovering that even the closest sisters don’t have the same family experiences is just part of the process for each of them as they strengthen the bonds between them.

As always I’ve loved being part of yet another complex family and the chance to bring them to you. As Emily, Gabriella and Samantha forge new relationships with each other, as they find the balance that has been missing from their lives, and as they marry the men of their dreams, I was able to live vicariously with them. There were lots of laughs along the way.

I hope you’ll have as much fun in this new world as I’ve had. Welcome to the community of Sand Castle Bay, where there are always ocean breezes to cool the air and starry nights for romance!

You can now buy the book at select Kmart stores or online!

About the Book:

In a trade-off she’s lived to regret, Emily Castle left home years ago to become an interior designer. The youngest of three sisters, Emily desperately wanted to prove herself. Success, though, came at the cost of leaving behind the man she loved.

For Boone Dorsett, losing Emily left his heart shattered, but another woman was waiting in the wings. Now a widower with a young son, Boone has a second chance with Emily when a storm brings her home. But with his former in-laws threatening a custody suit, the stakes of loving her are higher than ever.

Will fate once again separate them—or is the time finally right for these two star-crossed lovers?

About the Author:

After graduating with a degree in journalism from Ohio State University and working in the newspaper business for many years, the first time Sherryl Woods sat down to write a novel, she struggled with the lack of quotes and pages of facts she was used to having. And then, thanks to a very perceptive friend, she realized she got to use her imagination to make it all up! Since then, for more than 100 women’s fiction, romance and mystery novels, Sherryl’s been making up all sorts of things — characters, storylines, entire communities. The best part, she says, is that her heroes do exactly what she tells them to do, unlike any of the men she’s ever known.


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