Kmart Book Club Pick for the Month for May

Diana Palmer discusses Courageous, Kmart’s Book Club Pick of the Month for May!

By Diana Palmer

Several novels ago, a mysterious man showed up in one of my Long, Tall Texan series novels for Harlequin Books. His name was Grange and I knew hardly anything about him, except that he was a friend of the heroine in Heartbreaker. I really had no plans to include him in any future books.

But as is the case with some characters, he kept popping up in cameo appearances in other novels. I finally had no choice except to give him one of his own. Courageous was the result.

I started out as a newspaper reporter back in the 60s and 70s. I was always in the middle of something exciting, from politics to crime reporting, to writing about drug wars. When I stopped to become a novelist, the sudden lack of adrenalin rushes was like hitting a wall at top speed. I did become accustom to it, over time, and I found that I could survive life at home by burying myself in non-fiction. So I became a voracious reader of real-life adventures, starting with Frank Buck. My ‘travels’ took me all over the world, but the most fascinating accounts I read were those dealing with the mysterious Amazon region of South America. When I needed to find a good platform for my hero Grange, I drew on years of published first-person accounts(including that of President Theodore Roosevelt) and motion picture documentaries to craft a story set in the Amazon.

The result is the book you hold in your hands. It goes from Texas to South America, from the point of view of a very naïve Texas ranch girl who comes of age due to the treachery of a rival who puts her life in danger and then struggles to save it. Meanwhile, Grange lives up to his reputation as a first-class soldier to help his boss regain his lost presidency and save his oppressed people in a fictional country deep in the jungle.

I had a ball writing this book. I still love to revisit the romance and adventure I created in it. I hope you will enjoy it as well. Many thanks to my editor, my agent, my publisher, and my wonderful readers for giving me the opportunity to be a writer.

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About the Author:

Diana Palmer, the New York Times bestselling author of more than one hundred novels, is renowned as one of North America’s top ten romance writers. When she published her first novel in 1979, fans immediately fell in love with her sensual, charming romances…and this love affair will only heat up with her upcoming books.

A die-hard romantic who married her husband five days after they met, Diana says that she wrote her first book at age thirteen—and has been hooked ever since.


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