Featured Book: I Cross My Heart

Sometimes a book’s origins are buried in the mists of time, but I know exactly what prompted I Cross My Heart.  Three writing friends – Andrea Laurence, Rhonda Nelson, Kira Sinclair – and I get together twice a year and talk writing.  One spring we rented a lakeside cabin and decided to take out a pontoon boat to see if the experience might prove inspiring.

Turns out that motoring around that lake sparked creativity like nobody’s business.  We called it Pontoon Plotting, and I Cross My Heart was born on that boat.  Boats and water have nothing to do with the story, mind you.  It’s the tenth book in my Sons of Chance series, so it’s set at the Last Chance Ranch in Wyoming and all of the action takes place on dry land.

But the ideas for it came while boating with my buddies in Alabama.  That highlights one of the greatest joys in my writing life – connecting with other romance writers, and readers, too!  Until I stumbled upon this career many moons ago, I hadn’t found my tribe.  I was the odd duck who read books and scribbled stories on yellow legal pads.

Then I discovered romance writers and readers, who all tend to hang out together, and I was home at last.  These folks get me!  They don’t think I’m peculiar because I have imaginary people in my brain spewing dialogue.  They think that’s cool.  Normal, even.

Years ago, hooking up with my new soul mates wasn’t easy, but the digital age changed everything!  Now I have a plethora of ways to hang out with my tribe: www.vickilewisthompson.com, twitter.com/vickilthompson, and facebook.com/vickilewisthompson.  If you’re reading this blog, then you’re part of my tribe, so let’s get to know each other better!

And if you enjoy I Cross My Heart, be sure to look for Wild At Heart, out in June, and The Heart Won’t Lie, out in August.  The Sons of Chance ride all summer long!

By Vicki Lewis Thompson

You can now buy I Cross My Heart at select Kmart stores or online now!

About the Author:

Arizona author Vicki Lewis Thompson’s natural element is heat. Her first publishing success while still in pigtails was a weather rhyme for the local newspaper: The sky is blue, but I am not. I love the sun, I love the hot.

Small wonder that some years later Vicki sold her first romance to Harlequin’s steamy Temptation line. After writing more than fifty books, the bestselling author still gravitates toward the heat, including Temptation’s popular Blaze imprint. Besides Temptation, she’s published with Superromance, Love & Laughter and Duets. She’s also been a featured author in several continuity series and anthologies. A finalist numerous times for Romance Writers of America’s RITA award, Vicki has won the Desert Rose’s Golden Quill Award and has been honored by Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur.


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