Fun Places to Read a Good Book

reading bookThe beach is one of the great places to read a book that’s not exactly great literature. In fact, it’s perfect for beach books, those fast reads meant to be a vacation between two covers. A beach book is light and entertaining, and it almost always comes with a happy ending. It’s OK to read a beach book at the lake, too, or even in the backyard if you must.

You can also read beach books on planes and in waiting rooms. If you bring one with you, you avoid those picked-over magazines. The plane or the dentist’s office is probably not the place for nail-biting horror stores, though. The safety of your own bedroom is the place for those, but of course, you can’t share them with the kids.

Great places to read to kids

Some parents read to their kids after tucking them in bed, to give them sweet dreams. Reading bedtime stories also shows kids how wonderful reading will be, once they pick up the skill. Reading even once a week encourages them to learn.

Story hour at the library is another great place for kids and books. Some libraries host kids’ book clubs to encourage young readers. Libraries are not as quiet as they used to be, but they’re still a great place to introduce kids to books.

The sofa is another great place to read to your kids. Gather them around you, and then don’t turn on the TV. They’ll be shocked at first, but they can take it. You can even let the older ones take a turn reading to everyone.

Woman reading bookQuiet places to read to yourself

A shady corner of your yard is the place to enjoy books with glossy pictures of gorgeous public gardens. These books are full of garden ideas, too — ideas that might take a professional landscaper and his three assistants months to carry out. On the other hand, a historical romance is also great garden reading.

The problem is shade, and finding a cozy place to curl up with your book. You can put a blanket on the lawn and read in the shade of your house, or you can read on the porch, if yours is the shady and breezy sort. Of the good places to read a book outdoors, though, the best is a sturdy tree house or an airy gazebo. A gazebo is easier to access, of course, especially if you’re carrying two books, a hat and a cup of tea.

-by Janet Grischy


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