Featured Book: To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham

From the Author:

I have a soft spot for barbarians. There’s something about a handsome alpha male that draws me in and wins my heart. And there’s no warrior as fierce as a Viking invader.

So often in these tales, the beautiful maiden is taken as the Viking’s captive. But in my new book, TO SIN WITH A VIKING, I wanted to twist the trope and make the Viking into the heroine’s captive. What would you do with a sexy Viking chained up in your house? I can think of a few things…

Irishwoman Caragh Ó Brannon is fighting to survive in the midst of a terrible famine. When her brother tries to steal supplies from the Vikings, Caragh has no choice but to save his life by taking the Viking leader as her prisoner.

Styr Hardrata is furious to find himself chained up inside the home of a beautiful woman, but worse is the intense attraction he feels toward Caragh. He’s determined to find and rescue his wife, who was also taken during the raid. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Styr refuses to let down his guard around Caragh, who awakens emotions he’s never known. But as he learns what it is to truly love someone, he’s torn between honor and the desires of his heart.

This story does not trespass into adultery, but Book One in the Forbidden Vikings series explores the issue of what happens when two people in an arranged marriage are not meant to be together—and what happens when they do meet their true soul mates.

What are your thoughts on arranged marriages? Can two strangers find love together? Or should people always have a choice?

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About the Author:

Michelle Willingham is a Rita®-nominated author of over twenty historical romance novels and novellas. She lives in southeastern Virginia with her husband and children. Visit her website at www.michellewillingham.com for more details about her books.

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  1. I believe that two people should always have a choice. But this is an opinion borne of my current station as a male in the American middle-class.... It is much more difficult a decision for those from other countries, where it is much more applicable... There can be a fuzzy line when it comes to fantasy, though, as the author probably suggested. After all, this was in the context of Romance, which usually has no bounds ;) ! Interesting question, Laurel !