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  1. Home & Family Kmart Commercial (s) for Back to School

    Sigh..... so much discontent over a few videos... I don't believe that the intent was to alienate shoppers from SHC. I truly won't understand how the inclusion of a sector of popular entertainment in…
  2. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 13

    Funny that you mention that, Wendy....! The ice dispenser on my fridge is broken in the "crushed-only" mode, luckily. It has been busted like that for years, which I don't mind, really. I often br…
  3. Books Featured Book: To Sin with a Viking by Michelle Willingham

    I believe that two people should always have a choice. But this is an opinion borne of my current station as a male in the American middle-class.... It is much more difficult a decision for those from…
  4. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 13

    I agree, Julie {^*,] ! I have a side-by-side, which makes a modest amount of ice... This would be very handy for those impromptu parties ! Gas stations are never open or handy in pinch-spots, you kn…
  5. Garden Solutions Center Setting-up a Bird Bistro with Wild Bird Feeders & Seeds

    My feeders have also been doing very well over the years. And so far the dome squirrel-deterrent device is working nicely :) ! The doves get their safflower seeds before the squirrels do (' ', !
  6. Home & Family I Can’t believe Kmart Sells…Volume 11

    This is very cool, Wendy ! I've added that page to my favorites - I've got a few items for disposal or upgrade :) !
  7. Garden Solutions Center The Bird-Bath Wonderland for Winged Wildlife

    Excellent ! I'm considering getting a multi-level larger bath, for the squirrels are also regular visitors to my birdbath :) Thanks, Kris !
  8. Home & Family Skinny Summer Cocktails Perfect for Your Next Summer Get-Together

    I have indulged on my version of a Paloma Margarita once or twice in my life, LOL, but it definitely wasn't the skinny variety !! These sound very appealing for any occasion {^^, !
  9. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 4

    Yes indeed, NiviK - and the creams and oils are cumbersome :):) Thanks Laurel, for the latest volume {'',] !
  10. Outdoors Lawn Fertilization Tips for Summer

    Excellent article Barb ! I have used Kgrow for many years, and it performed as well as Scotts for a nicer price ! And yes, my plastic broadcast spreader has also stood the test of time very well :):…
  11. Garden Solutions Center Three Easy Steps to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

    Thank you tons, Kris ! I will check out the various options that Kmart offers ^^,!
  12. Garden Solutions Center Three Easy Steps to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

    Nevermind - I found a liquid, general-purpose flower food instead... (Also I realized the bad posture that my question might have created for Kris or any other employee - sorry :)
  13. Garden Solutions Center Three Easy Steps to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

    So cool ! And good luck on your Wednesday blog ! I have a feeding question : A visitor saw my transplanted Gerbera Daisies and said that I will have to fertilize later due to the craving of the sort.…
  14. Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    Exactly, Tea ! We were all fabulous in our youth, so I had to remind myself of that factoid earlier in the Winter... Good luck in your 'scalpel restructuring' and it is grand to see you too ! You ar…
  15. Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    This site and just about All of the rest suffer from 'image income advertising'.... Even the plus size models these days aren't usually in need of diets ! Great point, Tea ! I've got my new scale …
  16. Holidays & Parties Top Halloween Treats for 2012

    Thanks, Ryan ! And now that I only got about 10 visitors, I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest... (Anything 'cept letting the co-wrkr vultures have it ;) !
  17. Holidays & Parties Tips for trick-or-treating with toddlers

    Also, try to get your child a wide-mouthed plastic container, like the carrier pumpkin in the photo above, for ease of slipping the gift inside. Little tykes get passed over when they can't open their…
  18. Holidays & Parties Turn trick-or-treating into a scavenger hunt

    Splendid ideas ! One can also hide tokens instead, like Chaos Emeralds from Sonic the Hedgehog of SEGA ! Make sure that the token is big enough to not be swallowed by little tykes (like glow-in-the-…
  19. Holidays & Parties Top Halloween Treats for 2012

    Little Debbie snack cakes are excellent choices, cawcat ! This year, I'm going with a Ziplock brand bag that includes Mrs.Fields cookies, Take5 bars and an assortment of Hershey's miniature chocolat…
  20. Home & Family Ease into Daylight Saving Time!

    Nice ! I would add to also change the ones in your vehicles and other remote areas early, so it will already be ingrained. This mental reminder will help too, for you'll be ahead of the rest and no st…
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