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  1. Saving Money A VIP platinum membership

    I usually avoid this topic, but I would have to agree with Vinny. I was in need of a vacuum cleaner belt lately and went to my local K. Not only was the selection grim for belts and bags, there was th…
  2. Home & Family Is Kmart going to have seasonal coffee flavors that I can order on-line?

    We can't seem to curb it, which isn't a bad thing, is it ?!?!
  3. Holidays & Parties Caramel Apples Or Candied Apples?

    I'm a "Buy-em" guy and have never made them personally... My ex used to make them with the kiddies when they were very young. But as far as EATING them,,,, I'm the Taffy Apple champ ! I have yet to …
  4. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

    Cool ! And so many different uses for things :)
  5. Home & Family Smart Sense Coffee K-cups

    I just picked up the new Eight O'clock Original and a Barista Prima House Blend from that SuperK today ! Can't wait to give them a try ! Coffee is the next greatest passion, I'm sure :} !
  6. Home & Family Apple Cider

    Yes it does, Wendy ! The fruits of life are the best indeed :):) ! I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on some of the fruit house winery offerings ! The internet makes the world a much smaller pla…
  7. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

    That blood candle sounds wonderful ! Those tricks of old seem to be the best in the end, ;) !
  8. Home & Family Smart Sense Coffee K-cups

    Thanks for the info ! I'm making a visit to the Tinley Park IL SuperK soon, so I'll keep an eye out for their K-Cups... The packs at Dunkin Donuts are too expensive, I've noticed.
  9. Home & Family Apple Cider

    Another perfect idea, Izel ! Can you post the name of the mill on the cans so that we could look for it ? I would love to try that as well !
  10. Home & Family Smart Sense Coffee K-cups

    It may be a while before SmartSense jumps into this sector... For the now, Menards also carries a section of KCups. And the variety pack that I got from Amazon continues to be a big hit at work !
  11. Home & Family New Forums functionality is live!

    I've noticed the "new" prompt for it, and I'll check into the forums soon, Laurel ! It sounds like the start of something good ;) !
  12. Holidays & Parties Hey Laurel!

    Me too {^^,! Happy Haunting !
  13. Home & Family Apple Cider

    I can dig the idea of bringing in more local offerings into the stores... Strange how it has become more cost-effective to drag it in from some far-away land.... A cider fan I am as well ! It's mu…
  14. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

    Julie, what I used was some of that Christmas snow spray and made a general outline and shape. I then took a rag dipped in rubbing alcohol, I think, and erased the areas for the eyes and the fine-tuni…
  15. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

    A funny story.... When my son was much younger, we coached and coached for him to say "TRICK OR TREAT!" But he would only say very loudly "HALLOWEEN!!!" It's these certain things that we carry aro…
  16. Home & Family Is There An Easier Way to Clean the Stoves Drip Plates?

    Looks like 'porcelain' is word for the available coating on some replacement pans I found. Sears carries some of these, but make sure that you read the review carefully for sizing :)
  17. Holidays & Parties Decorating for Halloween

    Exactly ! Me and my brother were the usual Count Dracula, with our pale shade and pronounced sideburns ! And the teeth was really easy ! My mother did all of the intensive work with the capes (sewing…
  18. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

    Mine is more of an outdoor affair... I have these large candle ghosts that I use, and I believe that I'll be doing another sprayed-on ghost figure in the picture window this year ! I also have those p…
  19. Home & Family Is There An Easier Way to Clean the Stoves Drip Plates?

    Hi Sweety ! While Leslie prepares to reply, I'm jumping in here to recommend another approach... I don't know if they are available, but I would personally look into investing into ceramic replace…
  20. Holidays & Parties Decorating for Halloween

    That's great, for I'm a bit of a clown often, lol ! But you might still scream at the site of my strange face ;} !
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