1. Saving Money Im new to SYW and have 5000 SYW points in my account ...is there any way to earn more points by doing reviews or do you only earn points when you buy stuff?

    You can earn points by contest, visit shopyourway.com You can also earn more points by visiting the "deals center" and uploading 'coupons' via the website.
  2. Holidays & Parties Just what is the new Business Model?

    Your looking at it. It's called Kmart.com The CEO took controlling interest in Sears & Kmart knowing that ALL of it's stores were dying, so he made a decision and decided to buy the dying co…
  3. Saving Money Just finish shopping at kmart, My bonus points was 10.58 .... I cound not use that because I did not have a pin number. How do i get a pin number ?

    Log into your Shop your way rewards account: 1. Go to: http://www.shopyourway.com 2. Click YOUR NAME 3. Click REWARD POINTS 4. Click YOUR EARNINGS 5. Click MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT 6. FIND "Your Pi…
  4. Home & Family I would really like to know why was I not approved for the why not lease it program

    I feel bad for both you and Wendy. 1. The lease program IS NOT affiliated with Kmart 2. The "lease it" contract is RUN by a third party program This is yet another good idea by Kmart run someho…
  5. Home & Family Well , I was denied also. I was the one that was promoting this program in my church congregation. The number you are providing does nothing but keep you on the line for 15 min to then find out you have been denied. I was in the Kmart store for over an hour shopping, had already been approved. The problem was that the associate did not know what she was doing!!!! she ATTEMPTED TO USE MY DEBIT CARD...to find out later that they are not able to use. Knowing that I had more than enough monies on my card, it kept declining, then my mother who had made her purchases with this program allowed me to use her card , that's when it locked my account out. The problem that I have with the whole thing is the embarrassment that it caused me, the time wasted, associates not being properly trained, and no literature or posting on how to pay or use your banking method to set the account up. I have made several complaints on another site that sent me a CONGRATULATIONS letter, to later see that the system was not working.... very disappointed in your services, your program you offered it, why make it so hard for the customers.... especially to look like it was being fraudulently done , perhaps there should of been questions and answers to fix the problem if your system was unsure about who, what and why...After wards when I was denied I sent my daughter who works and have her own, my husband who also works and we were all denied!!!! Nothing that stated one per household or address.... VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

    Well it may or may not be a sign. But it makes me almost sick to my stomach that so many people are interested in this "lease to go" program. For one, the balloon payment is 1/3 the price of wha…
  6. Saving Money does kmart accept ebt for in store purchases

    You should call your local Kmart first, but yes they do accept EBT.
  7. Home & Family What prepaid cards if any does why not lease it accept

    prepaid cards as in visa/mastercard prepaid gift cards, None. Debit/Credit cards, yes.
  8. Home & Family What Kmarts / Sraes are going out of business in South Carolina

    You will probably know it after the employees find out (or maybe even before). As for the answer below; it's just really sad. That's the normal PR stunt GOOGLE IN QUOTATIONS: "These actions w…
  9. Home & Family Is Kmart, "You break it,, you buy it" store?

    That's terrible. If what your writing is true (and I have no doubt it is), you should receive credit of some kind (I'm guessing you will) and receive an apology for the matter by the manager of the…
  10. Saving Money I picked up my layaway yesterday. Spent a total of almost $700 yet there are NO points for the transaction?!?!

    $700.00= $7.00 in points. Kind of sad; I went through the exact same thing; In the summer, purchased: 1. A patio set 2. Umbrella 3. 2 fountains ...After e-mail, phone call & e-mail; …
  11. Saving Money I signed up online for shopyourway, but was not able to use in store. Why?

    Try the advice by Laurel first. Remember, if you don't have a card # (or card) you can give the phone number provided via your account.
  12. Home & Family I can't print the online order confirmation email can I still pick up my order?

    Take a cell phone pic. ...If customer service gives you a rough time, ask to speak to a manager.
  13. Home & Family How long does it take to get a call back saying that you go the job or not?

    2 Weeks (at the shortest or longest) time frame. It could later today or it could it be just before Christmas. They seem to have difficulty with the background check. ...Don't know why, doesn…
  14. Home & Family Layaway says "The items in this Layaway contract will not be available by 12/24.". What does this mean if i want to place these items on a new layaway and what does it mean if the items were already on layaway and the contract ends in Jan 2014

    This happens to me all the time. The chat reps will tell you it's "IT" problem; but it really isn't. Many times, I'll go back and unclick the layaway option and then proceed forward again with p…
  15. General Kdollar

    Does anybody have any pictures or information to share? This is (or was), (or could be) a fantastic idea...
  16. Saving Money Has anyone else been misled by kmart.com by purchasing an item because you thought your purchase would arrive by the promised arrival date?

    "Any thoughts?" Yes... I'm scared to purchase anything online @ Kmart because of the numerous post like this.
  17. Saving Money How do I redeem my points

  18. Saving Money How do I redeem my points

    Don't forget to go to the "Deals center" @ Kmart.com and load your SYW deals.
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