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  1. Home & Family Seriously disappointed. I saw this advertised and was very excited at my local Kmart in Pittsburgh Pa. Well wow I wish I had read this forum first. This was a total waste of time and energy. How do you deny someone and then have no valid reason whatsoever for doing so. No credit check, umm I really am starting to doubt that from what I have read thus far. I make more than double whats required and I well beyond 18, I have kids older than that. I get direct deposit from my job. The customer servivce reps are not knowledgeable at all about this so called program and you just get referred to an email address. She said they check your employer name and phone number to verify its a real employer. Well honey if that is the case anybody can give you a company name. Why not just ask for pay stubs , so much more legit right? I am truly turned off from this program and I am considering leaving kmart alone for a while. This was a really bad venture for them since it is not working in too many customers favor. If it is this bad , they might as well just do a credit check.

    I too have applied for the program, been denied, and been referred on a wild goose chase to find out why. Every number and email I contact has been a dead end. Who can we talk to for help? The numb…