Types of Badges

Community Manager Comm Mgr

Comm Mgr

Community managers take care of the entire community so we can enjoy it.
Moderator Moderator


Moderators are the good people who help get questions answered and make sure everyone follows the rules.
Expert Expert


Experts are the smart cookies who know a ton about products and answer questions.
Kmart Cares Kmart Cares

Kmart Cares

People with this badge are trained customer care representatives who make sure you get help when you need it.
Associate Associate


Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
Vendor Vendor


These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
Editor Editor


Editors are grammar gurus who create blogs and guides that you will enjoy.
Sr. Blogger Sr. Blogger

Sr. Blogger

Count on these topical wordsmiths to deliver blogs and guides that matter to you.
  1. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center I have marathon grass. It has several bad spots. I'm told by a longtime neighbor, it's because of yard moths and I need to spray insecticide once a month for grass to grow there. Any suggestions?

    What your neighbor is referring to is more commonly known as "lawn moths" or "sod webworms". The larvae feed on grass and live in the thatch layer of your lawn. Brown spots in your lawn are the result…
  2. Liked this: General Recently I received a replacement charge card from Orchard Bank for my old Solutions Charge card. I just went to use it at Sears and it was not acceptable tender to allow me to get my employee discount. Do you still have a discount for retired employee's? Is there another charge card I am supposed to use? Did I get scammed by Orchard Bank?

    Hi, swp21045. Welcome to the MyKmart Community and congrats on retirement! Yes, the retiree discount is still available! Currently, the acceptable credit cards are the SearsCard, the Sears Gold Ma…
  3. Liked this: Books What are you reading right now?

    I've been trying to get through Stephen Kings "Duma Key". I've been reading it F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!! :-)
  4. Liked this: Books Best Cowboy or Western Novels to Read

    My favorite new Western novel is Rattlesnakes, Ghosts and Murderers by Len Francis Monahan. It has great characters and is interesting and entertaining.
  5. Liked this: General Can Associates use there discount card for an online purchase?

    Hi, Anna.Marie. Associates can use their discount card for online purchases. Please follow these steps when using an Associate discount card: Associates must have a registered account profile set…
  6. Liked this: General Is there any way to get our previous blogs fowarded to our email addresses ?

    I received the email with the link to my blogs - Thanks Laurel !!! So very helpful {^^,]!
  7. Liked this: General Where did everybody go?Please answer my Question.

    I'm still here too! :) Thanks so much for being here, friends.
  8. Liked this: General Where did everybody go?Please answer my Question.

    Ditto to Izel's answer :)
  9. Liked this: General Where did everybody go?Please answer my Question.

    I'm still around, not sure if I really like this new version of the site but unless they decide to shut down completely I'll be around. :-)