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  1. Saving Money I had tried to purchase a dining room table on 7 November it was supposed to be delivered on 21. I had tried to cancel the order on the 11th with customer service and was told I will see a refund within 3 to 7 business days. I received a letter expressing that there is no guaranteed cancellation due to a third-party vendor Involvement. Again I called on November 15 to ensure cancellation, again I was told I will receive a refund 3 to 7 days as well. It is now the 22nd I have called customer service, to get an update on item I we find that the product, they have called the carrier Demar, and they were told they have never received the product from the vendor and this is why they were not able to deliver the item, I was assured I will have my credit card refunded again 3. to 7 Business days. I received e-mail you that evening by customer service tell me there is no guarantee that a cancellation, It is now November 23rd and I never received My product and still they refuse to refund my money of $300.00 I ask all of you is this customer service?