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  1. General Does anyone know if any more kmart stores will be closing in the near future?

    My Uncle worked for Eastern Airlines from 1960 - through the 1980's. A man named Frank Lorenzo bought control of the company when Eastern was in bankruptcy he slowly ruined the company - by selling o…
  2. General I'm hearing that the Charlevoix, MI Kmart is closing? Has not been announced anywhere but from what I am finding out on the internet that's whats been happening lately. The community actually stopped Walmart from coming in several years ago so this would really be a slap in the face.

    It seems like the company continues to close KMart's instead of investing in some infrastructure improvements. I have shopped at the Milwaukie, OR location for years. The employees were excellent - …
  3. General Can\'t get my screen name to work? Any suggestions

    Thank you for your help.