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  1. Home & Family could you please reply to my questions i asked last week? thanks.

  2. General Hello. I am a loyal kmart shopper. 40 years. SHC is pushing my limits by allowing its stores to deteriorate. I have seen media quotes from Mr. Lampert, claiming he wont invest FULL remodel dollars on stores, because of the chance that store might close. Question..why not do a ful remodel on stores you KNOW wont close? Question -I read a quote from Mr. Clay Wahl, who once said you dont need to invest 5 million dollars on a kmart remodel, that fixing up certain areas is enough? I ask him to see some stores in Wisconsn, and ask if maybe he could spend 1 million? half a million? on floors, parking lots, outdoor signage. For store managers to have to paint walls themself becuase SHC wont pay to have it done, is sad. Question --with Meijer superstores opening 5 stores in Milwaukee in the next 2 years, what is kmarts plan to prepare for meijers entrance into that market? Since kmart had 11 stores in the Milwaukee area, and now have only 5, could they remodel those 5 stores with NICE paint jobs, parking lots, new floors and outdoor signage? Question 4--why did the rockford kmart get remodeled 3 times in 7 yrs.....yet stil does not have the new outdoor sign/logo? and why would they remodel that store 3 times in 7 yrs, yet not remodel the janesville Wisc store not once for 20 yrs? Thank you. question...what is the name of the person who decides if a sears should be converted to a kmart. Question--with kmart struglling over 7 years, and shoppers leaving for competitors in droves,why do executives take vacations when i called? why woudlnt they be at a big round table trying t fiigure out how to fix the chain, instaed of going with how things are? I feel these are legitimate questions, from a customer who is loyal. Why dont the executives care what customers think of the store? thank you so much.

  3. General I recenlty received an oil change at my lcoal sears store. I then received an email telling me I can save 8.00 on my next oil change. awesome! The problem is the 8.00 discount offer expires beofre I am due for an oil change. If an oil change is every 3 months or 3000-4000 miles, why nwould tehy send me an offer to save 8.00 within a month of my last oil change?

  4. General Hi Misty -Mike-and Laurel---I have not received answers to my question dated 10/2/12.....could someone please get back to me?

  5. General HI..I am getting replies to my postings, but I am not getting answers. My questions: when is kmart going to turn aorund and start open 5-20 stores per year? When is kmart going to open smaller format stores like they did in the 1970s called group 9 stores? I see kmart stores closing weekly, can you open up stores in profitable markets? Who at SHC makes the decision to close a sears and convert it to a kmart? May I have their name so I can write them a letter? 3 kmart stores closed in Madison, WI. yet there are 2 sears stores. Can 1 of these sears stores be converted to a kmart? this area serves over 500,000 people, and the nearest kmarts are more then 30 miles away. Can we get one store in Madison please? Clay Wahl with SHC was quoted ad saying you dont need to spend 5 million dollars on store remodels. can you spend something? parking lots, outdoor signs, entrances, paint jobs, please? these are the questions I have been askling for a month, and no one will answer these questions specifically. Is there someone at SHC I can write to? who? If kmart was founded on low price and value, why dont they ad match? I KNOW they cant beat walmart on price, but recent surveys have shown kmart is 25% higher than target and walmart nationwide. SSK did not create kmart to have high prices. I heard 1 yr ago kmart would announce a new strategy. what is it? can kmart please do a hail mary and drop price, market a new campaign, blitz TV with the idea kmart is here to stay, will not be beat, and is doing a cross country overhaul of the image. A marketing campaign HAS to be implimented. I await your replies to my questions, thank you for your time.

  6. General HI--were my emails and questions received?

  7. General I have left 4 email sover 3 weeks here on thi site and no one has gotten back to meet yet. why I can be reached at 920-238-1048 thank you

  8. General I have posted 4 emails, and I keep getting told someone will get back to me. Its been 3 weeks......please clal me my cell is 920-238-1048.thanks

  9. General HI. I have not received a rely back from my question dated 9/28/12. I was told it was going to eb forwarded, but have not heard back yet. thank you

  10. General Hi---it seems so much effort is in to saving/renewing Sears..is there any plan to improve kmart stores? not a little bit here and there, but a marketing/advertisingcampaig, telling customers new things are coming? kmart as a whole has not gotten a chainwide remodel since the 90s. Soek stores got paint jobs, but the stores are 30-40 yrs old and in need of massiave curb appeal. Just look at the SHC website under real estate, and you cna see pics of all kmarts, parking lots, store fronts, just so outdated. BIg beautiful target stores enxt to kmarts that desperatly need a face lift. Also in Madison WI they closed all 3 kmarts and left 2 Sears stores, could they have one of each. some of us dont care for Sears, but love kmart, I know some Sears stores were ocnverted to kmart sotres..can you consider doing this in Madison, WI> The mkart on 27th st in greenfield is so old, please go look at it to see what I mean..Have the store manager send you photos of his storefront!!!! its absolutley awful, but out of his control..its in the hands of SHC.lThank you.