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  1. Garden Solutions Center Growing Cabbage

    Thanks for the great cabbage tips!! Can't wait to try them! One problem I've had with cabbage growing (and broccoli and brussel sprouts) is they get aphids when they are growing. Any tips to help me w…
  2. Garden Solutions Center Cooking with Quinoa

    I was looking for a new Quinoa recipe and this one looks delicious! I'm also going to check out that Kenmore rice cooker!! Thanks for the great info!
  3. Garden Solutions Center Best Indoor Plants

    We have many house plants but I can't wait to add Chinese Evergreen to our group. Thanks Kris!
  4. Garden Solutions Center Gifts for Gardeners

    That Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy sounds like a great gift! I think I'm going to get one for me too!! Sure are a lot of great gift ideas here!! Thanks!
  5. Garden Solutions Center How to Make Herb-Infused Vinegar & Wetherbee's White Bean Salad Recipe

    Besides the vinegars, I'm going to try your salad...soon! :)
  6. Garden Solutions Center Dehydrating Food & Wetherbee's Dried Cherry Almond Muffins

    Can't wait to try all of your suggestions. Thanks!
  7. Garden Solutions Center Dividing Perennials - Ways to Rejuvenate Prized Perennials

    Thanks for many more great tips and ideas just like your other blog posts and "ask the experts" Q&A. I've been wanting to get more lambs ears production and have them in more places around the yar…
  8. Garden Solutions Center Harvest Tips for Peak of Flavor & Garden Fresh Salsa

    Thanks for another great blog! I understand completely about waiting for the perfect ripeness of fruit or vegetable before picking it. But I think the animals and bugs know the right time also! LOL Ha…
  9. Garden Solutions Center Composting 101 – Making Black Gold for Your Garden

    Thank you for another great article! You show how easy it is to compost. Many people I've talked to think composting is difficult. Like you said, you can just throw it on top of the soil besides a pil…
  10. Garden Solutions Center Setting-up a Bird Bistro with Wild Bird Feeders & Seeds

    Kris is a treasure trove of information for all garden information and questions from soil prep, to thousands of plant suggestions, to plant care, harvest, cooking and everything in between! today's b…
  11. Garden Solutions Center The Glamorous Garden Gear-Up - Garden Clogs & Apparel

    Great tips for gardening. I too have learned to gear up for the garden and it is more enjoyable than it already is. I need to get some of those gloves for my wife. Do they come for men also? Thanks …
  12. Garden Solutions Center Growing Super Speedy Vegetables in 65 Days or Less

    What a great column. Can't wait to try all of these tips!! Thank you!
  13. Garden Solutions Center Meet our New Gardening Expert- Kris Wetherbee

    Thank you Kris for all of your excellent advice! I really enjoy reading your answers to all of the questions and your blog! Thank you for sharing your expertise!