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  1. Garden Solutions Center I am blessed with an abundance of grapes this year. That's the good news!! :) We have plenty for us, family, friends, Church, etc. Do you have any suggestions on how to use the rest? Thank you!

    Thank you for so many great ideas Kris! Can't wait to try them. You are right on about birds loving them. We are thankful we have enough to share with so many people AND the birds and the bees!! LOL
  2. Garden Solutions Center Last fall I finally dug up my horseradish plants which had been in the garden a few years. I was impressed with the harvest and I saved the green tops of some of the roots. They still look like they could grow. Do you have any tips on planting and fertilizing? Thank you.

    I tried to click helpful but it did not work. But it is VERY helpful. I'm glad I asked as I kept the TOP part with the leaves to replant. I'm lucky though because, like you said if I leave any part of…
  3. Garden Solutions Center What are your tips for fertilizing and pruning grapes? I have had some growing close to 20 years and hate to admit I rarely fertilize. But they seem pretty prolific. I'm sure I need to amend the soil somehow. I've also read about pruning them and have whacked them back to a few vines in the past per some articles I've read. But as my health has deteriorated my care has too! LOL And it seems if I do nothing they grow better than ever every year. I started to just cut the dead vines, and left all the ones with 2nd year growth which I hear starts to produce the fruit. So it's a tangled mess, but I have a bumper crop every year. I am lucky in AZ it is pretty dry so I dont't have to worry much about thinning to prevent mildew or other moisture problems. Any ideas how to improve my situation? Thanks!

    Thank you for some great information!
  4. Garden Solutions Center I want to try and experiment with companion planting in my vegetable garden this year. What companion plants do you recommend to grow near tomatoes?

    Hi, I was reading this post and have heard about not planting nightshade plants close together. Do you know what happens when you do? Thank you.