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  1. Garden Solutions Center Kris, I love your recent blog about cabbage, thanks! I love growing cabbage, and broccoli, and brussel sprouts. But it seems I get aphids every time I grow them. Any tips on how to fight them? Thanks, Dan

  2. Garden Solutions Center We are looking to plant grass or ground cover in a specific area around our house and are looking for ideas. Outside our back porch we made long terraced steps with soil on the flat part. It is on the north side with sun only a few months a year. We have 2 large German Shepherds trampling over it and live in the middle of AZ. We're about 4500 feet, so high desert but still dry most of the year. Any suggestions? Thank you. :)

  3. Garden Solutions Center I asked Kris earlier about tips for what to do with my wonderful abundance of grapes this year. My problem (which I know I'm not alone LOL) is while I wait for the perfect time to pick the grapes at their peak of flavor, the birds, bees, wasps and hornets are waiting also. If I pick early I can do pretty well. But if I miss a day or two some of the bunches of grapes are half eaten or I have to fight the hornets for them! LOL Any tips for how to get my harvest before the birds and bees? I don't mind sharing, but they seem to! LOL

  4. Garden Solutions Center My spring wildflower section of my garden was fantastic this year! The last few weeks I have noticed most of the flowers are spent and run their course. There are still flowers but not as abundant as in earlier spring. Do you have any ideas to give it a "pick me up" or spruce it up some? Maybe a way to get more blooms before the cold comes? Thanks! :)

  5. Garden Solutions Center I am blessed with an abundance of grapes this year. That's the good news!! :) We have plenty for us, family, friends, Church, etc. Do you have any suggestions on how to use the rest? Thank you!

  6. Garden Solutions Center One bad bug we have here in the AZ high desert is blister beetles. They are very destructive. Most of the time coming through in a swarm and destroys all plants in it's path. Thankfully they are not numerous like clouds of locust. For us it's mostly a few hundred or a thousand. Being they are caustic it's difficult to handle them. And since they are in the beetle stage many safe pest controls (insecticide soap, BT, sevin) do not faze them.. Do you have any tips on how to deal with these unwanted visitors?

  7. Garden Solutions Center Last fall I finally dug up my horseradish plants which had been in the garden a few years. I was impressed with the harvest and I saved the green tops of some of the roots. They still look like they could grow. Do you have any tips on planting and fertilizing? Thank you.

  8. Garden Solutions Center What are your tips for fertilizing and pruning grapes? I have had some growing close to 20 years and hate to admit I rarely fertilize. But they seem pretty prolific. I'm sure I need to amend the soil somehow. I've also read about pruning them and have whacked them back to a few vines in the past per some articles I've read. But as my health has deteriorated my care has too! LOL And it seems if I do nothing they grow better than ever every year. I started to just cut the dead vines, and left all the ones with 2nd year growth which I hear starts to produce the fruit. So it's a tangled mess, but I have a bumper crop every year. I am lucky in AZ it is pretty dry so I dont't have to worry much about thinning to prevent mildew or other moisture problems. Any ideas how to improve my situation? Thanks!

  9. Garden Solutions Center I usually have great grape harvests, but toward the end of the season I get caterpillar and their adult moths that arrive and skeletonize the leaves. Sometimes they seem to arrive earlier and when the leaves are eaten the grapes get too much sun. The moths are about 1 inch and seem to be all black. The caterpillar stage are about 1/2 inch and kind of looks like zebra stripes. I have used BT with fairly good success but it is difficult for me to get out often enough to keep up with those darn caterpillars. I'm hoping to cut them off at the pass, so to speak, and stop them from coming back every year. I'm also wondering if my BT mixture is strong enough. I follow the bottle directions...I think! LOL Thanks!

  10. Garden Solutions Center I'm almost embarrassed to share I have problems growing summer squash!! I think it's me as some friends seem to do well. Most places I've lived it's the usual situation where you grow so much you stick a bag on a neighbors porch, ring the bell and run away! LOL I am in the AZ high desert about 4500ft. We have hot days and cool nights (until summer) so the plants are wilted by the end of the day. Is that enough info for a diagnosis? Thank you!

  11. Garden Solutions Center At the end of apple season my apples have many holes bored in them by insects. Can you give me some tips on how to handle this problem?

  12. Garden Solutions Center Here in the high desert of Arizona (4500ft) it seems with the cold nights, tomatoes don't grow very good until it gets real hot out. Then it seems so hot the plants wilt during the day and the blossoms drop. I get tomatoes but not a lot. Any suggestions how to deal with this? Thank you!

  13. Garden Solutions Center Is there an easier way to get rid of an overly aggressive plant that takes over the garden besides digging it out? My small garden has been overrun with my Lemon Balm and Garlic chives. I think the Lemon balm is of the mint family and I know how mint can take over a garden. While they are both wonderful additions to my garden, I do not have the strength or stamina to keep digging them up. Any ideas? :)

  14. Garden Solutions Center Hi, I saw your post about moles and it made me think of the problems we've had with gophers over the years. They seem to eat the roots of many plants and trees. We've stayed away from poisons as we prefer not to use them and have dogs in the yard. The best luck is with traps but that takes a lot of work and vigilance. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks

  15. Garden Solutions Center what steps can I take to get Amaryllis to bloom? I've had some for years and sometimes they bloom and most of the time they just have leaves.

  16. Garden Solutions Center I planted some rose bushes I'd guess 15 years ago. For the first 10 years they kept getting bigger and fuller and looked great. It seems the last few years they get punier every year. I prune and fertilize fairly regularly. Maybe I'm nut pruning correctly. But is there a lifespan of roses or do you have any tips to help me give them a jumpstart this year? Thank you.

  17. Garden Solutions Center Besides raised beds, do you have any tips for those of us gardeners that are handicapped? Planting takes a lot of energy and I find I cannot weed as often as needed the whole growing season.Thank you!