1. Home & Family Hot Soups to Beat the Winter Chill

    The tomato basil soup sounds great! I will have to try that one!
  2. Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    Go for it! And good luck!
  3. Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    Happy new year, yobarps! Good to see you! I don't have a belly problem at all. My excess weight goes to my hips and ****, grrr. I would like to lose 10 pounds before I have hip surgery next month. …
  4. Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    Just an observation -- why do just about all of the weight-loss and exercise articles feature pictures of people/bodies who are already thin and fit? I'd think that would be discouraging to people wh…
  5. Books Best Cowboy or Western Novels to Read

    Far and away, Larry McMurtry and the Lonesome Dove franchise. I'm not a fan of Westerns AT ALL but I like these books. Larry McMurtry is great at characterization. His most famous novel (and the fab m…
  6. Holidays & Parties Community Member Shares Her Kmart Decorating Ideas

    I really loved the Jaclyn Smith "Midnight Clear" collection this year. I bought a bunch to use next year. The blues and silver are gorgeous, IMO. Love these shades of purple, too.
  7. Holidays & Parties Most popular Christmas Cookies recipes

    That Christmas toffee cookie bar sounds really easy and good! Wonder if you can substitute a different nut for pecans? They're expensive this year because the crop was sparse.