1. General Just wondering -- I noticed there are a LOT of Community Team members from central Texas listed but there aren't any Kmarts left in Austin or even San Antonio. The closest is Killeen, I think.

  2. General Hooray for Basic Editions "Classic Fit" jeans!

  3. General Anyone else get a new puppy for Christmas? :)

  4. General Laurel, can you check something for me?

  5. Holidays & Parties Wow, I shopped early for next year's Christmas decorations -- they're going fast!

  6. General Something I learned about TVs -- hope it helps others!

  7. General I just wanted to say how pleased I am with online layaway!!! This was the first time I've used it and I couldn't be more pleased!

  8. General I got an email asking if I'd be willing to test a product for Sears. How do I know if it was legit?

  9. General OMG! A Yahoo Finance story is telling people not to buy Sears/Kmart gift cards!

  10. General So, who got some great deals at the K Thursday and Black Friday?

  11. General Sears Black Friday deals going on NOW for Members!

  12. General Sorry, but I have another question! I have a TV on layaway that I've been paying on but the Black Friday/Thanksgiving weekend deals are better! It would be worth it to take the cancellation fee to get my money paid back and spend it on Black Friday! But I was wondering if you get the layaway refund immediately at the store or if you have to wait for corporate to mail you a check? I've never canceled a layaway so I'm unfamiliar!

  13. General I need some help with figuring out when the sales are in effect for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. I went through the ad and wrote down the items I want -- some are during the 3-day sale (is that Thurs., Fri., and Sat.?) and some say Thursday at 8 p.m. How does that work? What time does the K open on Thanksgiving? Can I just shop later in the day on Thsnksgiving and hang out until 8 p.m.? Or do you have to wait outside at some point until 8 p.m.? Are the lines going to form for the 8 p.m. sale really early, even though the store is open? I'm not getting this, lol.

  14. General I returned from vacation to find the Community has drastically changed! Where are the discussion boards? Review and ideas sections? I'm not sure how to navigate this new section and I miss the friends I've made, too. Help!