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  1. General my mom has 5,7776 points can this turn into cash or how do you redeem them

    I was told at Sears that these points like $57.77 expire after a certain amount of time. I had to use my last month because the clerk said I'd loose them!
  2. General I am so upset how I was treated today at Kmart. Usually I have great experience there. Not today. Here is what happened. Our Kmart was having the big 1.99 sale on all spring and summer clearance. I had a bunch of items well 4 of those items did not ring up for 1.99 and was told that it was not on sale (it was 2 kids short set, 1 tube top dress, and a a dress summer shirt) there was several of the same items all on the rack. When I went to pay for them they rang up wrong I told the cashier (who was very nice) and she called a manager and I explained the whole thing well the manager. The manager told me first off I had to be wrong. I told her I would take her back to show her, then she told me our mistake and then proceed to tell me I had to pay full price since they are in season now. Ok it is October and there is no one wearing summer dresses. She was so rude to me and the people behind me couldn't believe it. So I asked her if it was her employees mistake for putting them in the wrong place (since like I said there was a whole bunch of them) don't I get them for 1.99 she laughed and told me no we don't do that. So may questions is does Kmart or doesn't Kmart do that? I know other stores if it is the stores mistake you get it for that price.

    That is terrible. Good Luck and hope you get compensation for your money and time!