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  1. Home & Family Regarding the Super Kmart in Tinley park, IL. You stated the Chicago Tribune revised their article saying this store was closing. You further stated that Kmart was merely looking to lease out some space in the store. Go to: www.midamericagrp.com - "anchor - junior anchor space available. Gross leasable area 171,691." Sure sounds to me like they are trying to dump this store by leasing out the entire store if possible. This site appears to have an "all-smiles" answer for everything negative. TELL THE TRUTH. Ed Lampert can't wait to dimantle the entire Kmart chain.

    Its Going Down there even deleting members from this site for there comments.I believe store managers hands are tied and there just glad to wake up in the morning still employed. As leases expire stor…
  2. General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    This site is sensitive to bad news and tends to be very boring.They seem to have more community team member topics than actual topics generated by actual concerned shoppers.The stories you read in the…
  3. General Hello. I am a loyal kmart shopper. 40 years. SHC is pushing my limits by allowing its stores to deteriorate. I have seen media quotes from Mr. Lampert, claiming he wont invest FULL remodel dollars on stores, because of the chance that store might close. Question..why not do a ful remodel on stores you KNOW wont close? Question -I read a quote from Mr. Clay Wahl, who once said you dont need to invest 5 million dollars on a kmart remodel, that fixing up certain areas is enough? I ask him to see some stores in Wisconsn, and ask if maybe he could spend 1 million? half a million? on floors, parking lots, outdoor signage. For store managers to have to paint walls themself becuase SHC wont pay to have it done, is sad. Question --with Meijer superstores opening 5 stores in Milwaukee in the next 2 years, what is kmarts plan to prepare for meijers entrance into that market? Since kmart had 11 stores in the Milwaukee area, and now have only 5, could they remodel those 5 stores with NICE paint jobs, parking lots, new floors and outdoor signage? Question 4--why did the rockford kmart get remodeled 3 times in 7 yrs.....yet stil does not have the new outdoor sign/logo? and why would they remodel that store 3 times in 7 yrs, yet not remodel the janesville Wisc store not once for 20 yrs? Thank you. question...what is the name of the person who decides if a sears should be converted to a kmart. Question--with kmart struglling over 7 years, and shoppers leaving for competitors in droves,why do executives take vacations when i called? why woudlnt they be at a big round table trying t fiigure out how to fix the chain, instaed of going with how things are? I feel these are legitimate questions, from a customer who is loyal. Why dont the executives care what customers think of the store? thank you so much.

    Good Point!