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  1. General After Christmas deals & discounts

    I am very offended that the word ****** would be starred out just like a curse word. Will Christmas just be known as Mas next year? This is ridiculous.
  2. Holidays & Parties When do you plan to begin decorating for Christmas?

    I started putting the outside up the day before Thanksgiving since the weather was nice. Finally had indoor and outdoor up by Saturday.
  3. General Why did you close the Kmart in zip 37416?

    I use to sometimes shop at this Kmart also. Try the Kmart on 153 in Hixson. It is very nice. I like this store much better even though I do not live close to it.
  4. General I returned from vacation to find the Community has drastically changed! Where are the discussion boards? Review and ideas sections? I'm not sure how to navigate this new section and I miss the friends I've made, too. Help!

    I have just now found this part of the site since the change. I was about to give up. I enjoy posting here but now it is not user friendly. I will keep my fingers crossed for changes soon.