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  1. Liked this: Outdoors What Do You Do When You Visit the Beach?

    Being an east coaster, we enjoy the Atlantic ocean most often and love visiting the Outer Banks. There are amazing sand dunes at the outer banks we spend hours exploring. We also enjoy kayaking, surfi…
  2. Liked this: Home & Family that bus rap commercial is bad for small children to see

    I first would like to say that those of you who are calling this commercial "ghetto" need to reevaluate yourselves, because you all are coming off VERY ignorant. I bet that half of you would not have …
  3. Liked this: Home & Family PRIMO return & other issues

    That is great news to hear! Maybe this will be just the kick they needed to start improving the store inside and out to draw in more customers. With a new store coming in, you can count on traff…
  4. Liked this: Home & Family Why are 5 more Kmarts closing? The Final Solution!

    They need to stop closing Kmarts. No other existing American retailer does this to people: Kmart's fans, customers. Not to mention people with a job get laid off when it's already hard to find jobs. …
  5. Liked this: Home & Family Most useful product purchased at Kmart

    I have received a lot of attention on this in the past in the old community, but I would have to say my BenchTop 3/8" socket set is around 20 yrs old now ! Kmart doesn't sell the brand anymore, but it…
  6. Liked this: Home & Family Most useful product purchased at Kmart

    I would also have to say coffee maker! We purchased a Kenmore 12-cup maker a while back and we use it daily. I can't live without my morning coffee, so this has to be one of the most useful products p…
  7. Liked this: Home & Family ROLL CALL Act II (``,) !

    That's very sweet of you, Wendy ! Now that you've built it, they will come ;) !
  8. Liked this: Home & Family ROLL CALL Act II (``,) !

    Wonderful yobarps! I have inserted the previous link of Izel's "Roll Call"
  9. Liked this: Home & Family Have you seen the new 'Kmart Back To School Layaway -- Yo Mama' ad?

    That is a great new commercial-really memorable. Izel-I am with you on the shopping. Especially now that I have 2 boys to dress, too. At least they are pretty easy most of the time. T-shirts y…
  10. Liked this: Home & Family Cold Beer

    Great suggestions, Izel! I will be happy to share with the appropriate team for consideration.
  11. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    I am getting tired of clicking the buttons, so everybody, you got a helpful vote.
  12. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    I am glad to see some more people coming back to reply to this topic. Great job in getting it started izel8326. Too bad we can't move it back to the top so more people see it.
  13. Liked this: General i am wondering if kmart takes the snap program

    Hi khunt111179, Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Yes they do which will follow under normal guideline use! Normally there is a sticker on the outside of the store letting you know of this accep…
  14. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    Hi Izel, I would have loved to have seen the old site, but came on with the new Communities. As Laurel mentioned, there are improvements in the work, but it is always great to hear first hand f…
  15. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    Hi, For2Day. We certainly appreciate your support and loyalty. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback as well. We truly appreciate each member's perspective.
  16. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    Hello! The old site was easier to navigate, and all my pictures seem to be gone. I am Houdiniphile from the MySears and MyKMart communities. Also Craftsman.It is very nice to see you again!
  17. Liked this: General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    Why is it showing that Screen Name required. In any case, I am not here from the start, but happened to come by clicking on the old Sears Community for review writing. I signed up and then came back…
  18. Liked this: General Is Smart Sense brand going away? :-/

    Hmmmm, not sure! Interesting! I have not seen this brand in my store as of yet. I will have to double check around the items that you had mentioned to see if maybe I missed it though. Better ye…
  19. Liked this: General do you guys allow fundraising events such as car washes, at your locations?

    Hi efra10, Thank you for reaching out in the MyKmart Community! Izel8326 has provided a great response to your question today, so please let us know if you have any further questions. Good l…
  20. Liked this: General 4th of July Plans?

    Hi Izel, We have slowly but surely been working with her this past year with loud noises for we know she would absolutely love to see the lights in the air. So far we have only got the sparklers…
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