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  1. Liked this: General Laurel, can you check something for me?

    Thanks, JulieK! I did get the email from Ryan. I'm really looking forward to making ham and bean soup with our leftover Christmas ham in the slow cooker!
  2. Liked this: General What is Kmart's Price Protection Policy for in-store purchases?

  3. Liked this: Holidays & Parties What time do you open on Dec 26?

    Hi louie-the-great! Looks like the St. Paul Kmart will open at 8:00 today! Happy shopping!
  4. Liked this: General points to redeem off of

    Hi PrincessAM! Hope you had a nice holiday! Have you checked the Shop Your Way Rewards site? Your account details page should let you know w…
  5. Liked this: General Laurel, can you check something for me?

    Hi londontea! Hope you are well! Laurel is off for the day, but we're so glad to hear you got your products! You will actually be getting an e-mail from Ryan one of our community managers soon regar…
  6. Liked this: General is my reward card number on my reciept?

  7. Liked this: General How do I transfer the points I see on my receipt to my "shop your way" account. Tried to pull up my receipts but it doesn't pull anything up. Have made several purchases and don't see any of them.

    Hi, margobordelon. If you are having trouble accessing your Shop Your Way Rewards Account online or feel that your receipt does not reflect your account online, please call the Shop Your Way Rewards T…
  8. Liked this: Holidays & Parties How many stars would you say are in the north west sky?

    I would be afraid to estimate. :)
  9. Liked this: General How do I use my awards bonus points

    Hi, need...help...! Redeeming Points is easy. At checkout, have the associate tell you your Points balance. No number handy? Use your phone number or email address. Enter your Member PIN in the regist…
  10. Liked this: General When will Kmart come back to Portage?

    Didn't Miejer buy A Kmart Super Center in Portage that was open and making money about a year ago.I think I Read a News Story about they were going to close it and totaly Remodel it.Must have been a r…
  11. Liked this: General New Year, New Kmart

    That would be a MAJOR improvement! I was in line at the Saint Johns Michigan Big Kmart this past Black Friday and guess what, they had issues with the system! Customers wanting to use a credit card we…
  12. Liked this: General where do i post previous purchases to my rewards card

    Sorry this didn't work for you. When I test, I am seeing a Kmart receipt. If you prefer, you can call 1.800.991.8708 and request points credit for your recent purchase by phone. Please reach out with …
  13. Liked this: General where do i post previous purchases to my rewards card

    Hi there! Please click here to request Rewards credit for a recent purchase. Hope t…
  14. Liked this: General I made a purchase from KMart today and my receipt shows I have 469 Points and that 209 points will be expiring on 12/31/12. How do I redeem these points?

    When you are checking out, just tell the cashier you want to use your points.
  15. Liked this: General i bought something a week ago and now its buy one get one free is there anything i can do other than return it and buy it again

    Yes, that's true. The managers can be awfully nice and make adjustments. The ones at our local store are terrific!
  16. Liked this: General I got an email asking if I'd be willing to test a product for Sears. How do I know if it was legit?

    OK, awesome! Yep, I did fill out the survey. I thought it was legit but when I told one of my friends about it she asked me if I had verified the offer before providing my address and everything! I ha…
  17. Liked this: General I just wanted to say how pleased I am with online layaway!!! This was the first time I've used it and I couldn't be more pleased!

    Haha, yeah, I did the "no cable" thing for at least a year. But I missed not having the news channels and PBS, of all things! To make a long story short, I was duped in September by a door-to-door cab…
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