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  1. General Need copy of a receipt I deleated a few months ago-how do I do this?

    Are you sure it's completely gone from your email server? Sometimes deleted emails will remain in the "trash" for a while. If it IS gone, however, the only option I can think of would be to contact …
  2. General i lost my card

    If you lost your Shop Your Way Rewards card, you can go to www.shopyourwayrewards.com to print a new one using your home printer.
  3. General Ok my question is can you just gift cars to order on line with out a crediet card we no longer have a kmart and rarely go to a big town.

    Yes, if the balance on your gift card (or gift cards) is equal to or greater than the total purchase price, plus tax, plus shipping, etc., of your online order, then you can use only gift cards to pay…
  4. General Laurel, can you check something for me?

    How exciting that you were chosen to participate in this project! Enjoy your merchandise! :)
  5. General how can i get another rewards card? mine is woren out.

    Alternatively, you can print out your SYWR card yourself using regular paper and regular ink (black and white or color) at the website, too.
  6. General I bought an Electronic Battleship game for my son for Christmas using the buy online and pickup in store feature, which I love. However, someone taped the shipping lable/envelope directly over the front box of the game. These labels are VERY STICKY..even though I tried getting it off VERY SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY, the sticky tape ended up pulling off a couple of hunks of the box and picture. In the future, PLEASE put your items in a sealed bag with these shipping labels on the outside of a sealed bag. Its very disappointing to have your items package damaged trying to get these labels off. I really like for my game boxes to not be damaged. Thank you Mary Johnson

    As a Kmart employee, I can sympathize with what you went through with the shipping label. The department I work in the most is electronics, and I find those labels covering boxes all the time - cover…
  7. General I have ripped my knee open on a sharp edge of one of your tool chest who do I talk too?

    Ouch! That sounds like a nasty accident! I'm sorry it happened, and I hope you'll heal quickly. I'm sure Laurel or another administrator will be getting back to you shortly so you can be put in tou…
  8. General How do I transfer the points I see on my receipt to my "shop your way" account. Tried to pull up my receipts but it doesn't pull anything up. Have made several purchases and don't see any of them.

    You can redeem your SYWR points to pay for your purchases simply by informing the cashier that you would like to do so. The receipt will show your current balance as well as the base and bonus points…
  9. General is my reward card number on my reciept?

    Only the final four digits of your SYWR number are shown on the receipt.
  10. General What happened to the access to the community on mykmart? I've not been on a while, but I can't find a way to communicate with all those I met in the community.

    Unfortunately, the whole community changed a couple of months ago, and this is the current forum.
  11. General Do you provide any Linux distributions on computers in place of Microsoft or can I arrange to get a Microsoft refund for removing MS from the computer after it's purchased?

    Unfortunately, I know of no computers that Kmart sells that do not come with Windows pre-installed. You're right - part of the cost of the computer includes the license for Microsoft Windows. Becaus…
  12. General How do I apply my points from my receipt, I didn't have my card with me at the time of purchase and she told me she couldn't do it with just my phone number?

    You can go to www.shopyourwayrewards.com or call 1-800-991-8708 to have the points from your purchase added to your SYWR account. A cashier can look up your account by your phone number, so long as t…
  13. General how to obtain my discount number

    If, however, you're referring to your Shop Your Way Rewards number, you can go to www.shopyourwayrewards.com and look up your number, as well as your PIN number to redeem your points.
  14. General how to obtain my discount number

    Are you referring to your employee discount number? You can talk to your human resources manager to get your number and, if necessary, receive a replacement card.
  15. General When will Kmart come back to Portage?

    Unfortunately, the trend is for further closure of Kmart stores, so if a location has lost its Kmart, chances are it won't be returning. There have been exceptions, but, sadly, the number of location…
  16. General New Year, New Kmart

    Speaking as an employee, I would like to see new cash registers. The registers we have now are around 12 years old, slow, and grossly unreliable. It's so embarrassing when the register goes down and…
  17. General I made a purchase from KMart today and my receipt shows I have 469 Points and that 209 points will be expiring on 12/31/12. How do I redeem these points?

    I just wanted to add that 469 points = 46ยข, which is well below the threshold when a PIN number is necessary, so there will be absolutely no problems in redeeming these points.
  18. General Something I learned about TVs -- hope it helps others!

    Thanks for the information! I've been thinking of buying a big screen TV, and, because of the low price, Seiki is one of the brands I have been looking at.
  19. General Can you have multiple layaways?

    Yes. So long as you do not have any delinquent layaway accounts, you can have multiple layaway accounts active at the same time.
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