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  1. Holidays & Parties Is there any way I can upload my pictures of all of my christmas decorations and settings that I created from all of my holiday purchases exclusively from Kmart?

    Hi Laurel, I sent you an email tonight. This is really exciting! Please get back to me about the questions in the email when you get a chance....Deb.
  2. General Why did the mykmart site change so much? It seems like a downgrade....

    Hey Lauerl! It's good to hear from you all again! I really liked the discussion board because I could read other customers complaints and likes! I always loved taLking about the products I liked in th…
  3. General Can we still access our old friends list, I haven't been on here for quite awhile? Thank-you

    I'm still here granny, and I hope they change it back as well....Good to see you guys are still on here!
  4. General Is there any way to get our previous blogs fowarded to our email addresses ?

    Hi Yobarps! Good to see you on here. What happened to everything? The site is so different now, I'm a little confused....