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  1. Holidays & Parties Hey Laurel!

  2. Holidays & Parties Sandra Lee Halloween!

  3. Home & Family Kmart should hire Ron J. from JCP!!!

  4. General I just got the best deal on a Kenmore microwave! This is why I LOVE Kmart!

  5. General The new store signage and displays at the Sterling illinois store look really nice.

  6. General Mygofer has closed....

  7. General Kdollar

  8. General Does anyone here do the sweepstakes on the SYW website?

  9. General Does anyone know what Kmart's plans are for remodeling their stores in 2013?

  10. General The upcoming outdoor living line at Kmart looks impressive this year!

  11. General Laurel, I have a question about an email I received....

  12. Holidays & Parties Is there any way I can upload my pictures of all of my christmas decorations and settings that I created from all of my holiday purchases exclusively from Kmart?

  13. General I love the holiday decorations and wrapping paper this year!

  14. General Why hasn't Sandra Lee been in any commercials to promote her Kmart line?

  15. General Why did the mykmart site change so much? It seems like a downgrade....