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  1. Garden Solutions Center I live in the Northeast and have a garden for the first time in 10 years. A friend of mine said to wait until I felt like I needed gloves and a warm sweatshirt before planting bulbs for spring. Being a bit warm blooded, I waited until this weekend before planting. Alas, the ground is already frozen solid! Even with a bulb planter, it was impossible to adequately remove dirt. Is it possible to throw the bulbs into planters with potting soil and leave them out at this point? Or did I miss the deadline?

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  2. Garden Solutions Center I am moving to a townhouse with a sunny balcony (east facing) and shaded patio. I am extremely fond of English gardens and would like to create that feeling in those spaces. Any suggestions?

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  3. Garden Solutions Center I moved to the east coast and I have noticed that very few people can keep a green, weed-free lawn, even in the warmer months. What is the secret to preserving your lawn through the winter months and to keeping it weed-free without a lot of harmful herbicides?

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