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  1. General Smart Sense & Image Essenitials products out of stock

    May Be There switching To The Popular Line Of Big k Poducts?
  2. General When are you planning your next vacation? And where?

    Bentonville Arkansas to see where it all began.
  3. General The New Site Is Very Modern When Do You Plan On Upgrading Your Stores To Compare ????

    Harrison Ohio.Its and old Rinks Bargain City Converted to a Kmart about30 Years ago.How much Money do you think this Old CASH COW HAS GENERATED IN 30 YEARS?????Very little has been done just enough to…

    Its been Deleted.Walmart might steal some Ideas from it.
  5. General Kdollar

    There getting ready to saturate the Dollar Store Market with K DOLLAR Stores.Capital Idea There Lowering The Old KABOOM On The!No seriously I no there are already to many Dollars Stores out There.How …
  6. General why does the kmart in lawton ok look so getto the floors are un even and it looks like it is going to fall apart

    Maybe there getting ready to build a community around it of upscale section 8 housing.Sears seems to be getting into the Apartment Rental Market.This store sounds like a sure thing!
  7. General Why did you delete my post?

    Theres lots of Questions that go Unanswerwed.With Sears Silence is Golden.No News is Good News.Theres Been Little Done To Improve The Stores So Theres Not much To Talk About!!!
  8. General Does anyone know what Kmart's plans are for remodeling their stores in 2013?

    4 More store closings announced in the past month.The only Kmarts that are getting Remodeled are in Austraila.Why they even accasionaly open a Brand New Kmart.There Kicking Targets ***.They have those…
  9. General Empty shelves

    Empty Shelves Empty Leadership Empty Cash Revenues For Improvments If Theres No Merchandice Theres No Revenue.Whats Up With That Is It a sign Of Things To Come now That Ed Is Back At the Helm?Please A…
  10. General Will the automotive service center be reopening in Lynchburg, VA, since our Sears Store and Service Center is closing?

    Some Kmarts Have Reopened There Auto Centers As Sears Auto Centers.I Don't No How Well They've Done With This Its A Secret! Sort Of Like The Kwash!
  11. General I have ripped my knee open on a sharp edge of one of your tool chest who do I talk too?

    Dewey Cheatem and Howe.I believe there in the Phone Book or just Google it
  12. General New Year, New Kmart

    Remodel and get a new Idenity Kmarts Name is Damaged beyond repair!Totaly Revamp Store Style and Brand at Prime Locations sell off or close the loosers.
  13. General When will Kmart come back to Portage?

    Didn't Miejer buy A Kmart Super Center in Portage that was open and making money about a year ago.I think I Read a News Story about they were going to close it and totaly Remodel it.Must have been a r…
  14. General i lost my gift card is there a way i can replace it

    Retrace your shopping trip and hope that somebody found it.I had the same thing happen to me at Kroger and they had it at the Customer Service Desk.Thank God For Kroger There The Best At Retail Fare A…
  15. General Will Santa be appearing at Kmart this year ?We like to take the children to see him for pictures.

    Santa moved to the Harrison Home Depot talked to him today with my Grand Kids.Bring your own Camera if you want Pictures.
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