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  1. Holidays & Parties Just what is the new Business Model?

    Over 3000 Sears and Kmart locations are for sale. There listed on SHC Reality Web Site. Owned or Leased properties are for sale.
  2. Holidays & Parties Andrew Stien Chief Marketing Officer For kmart Is Joining Biglots? The Head Of Sears Appliance Division Is Resigning? Is Kmart Closing Stores In Birmingham?

    Google Buisness News National. I Bieve It Was The Richmond Store One Of Six In The Area.
  3. Home & Family What turnaround?

    Always Three at a time if you watch the news. It's like they have a special crew or detail that can handle 3 closings at a time isn't that the same as people you no passing away? It always happens in …
  4. Home & Family Why are 5 more Kmarts closing? The Final Solution!

    Google business news.
  5. Home & Family ROLL CALL Act II (``,) !

    Where's everybody at!
  6. General Kmart in Franklin, TN quit accepting layaway and has lots of clearance. Does this mean they are one of the stores closing in 2013?

    Did a new Walmart open in your area thats usually a tell tale sign.No lataway and clearance sales sure sound like sombodys leaving town.They have been closing about 4 stores a month for quite a while.…
  7. General Kmart should franchise

    When Sam Walton was alive Walmart had profit sharing for its employees.If a store was profitible the company shared the wealth once a year with employee profit sharing checks for that location.The man…
  8. General Worst Kmart trip yet!

  9. General After really trying I was able to pull up this weeks specils add for KDollar Hollywood Florida on the Sears Media Page.I notice Little Ceasars Pizzas 2 for $9.00 Luggage Mixers All kinds of stuff on sale.The glimces of the interior of the store in the adds makes it look like a full size Kmart store.It appears to be more of and outlet store than a Dollar Store alot of $19.99 Products is this the real format?If so are these stores purposed for Drawing down Kmart inventory as they shut down more traditional Big @ Super Kmart stores such as Sears is doing with the sears outlet stores? It seems they can get more value for the products this way while they Dispose of Realestate.Better than store closing sales!

    They are the large Pizzas Peporoni or plain.Why is it such a secret!!!!
  10. General KDollar Information and Locations. Check it out to see if one is near you!

    Its a well kept secret.Whats the purpose of not taking advatage of announcing new store Formats in the National Press.If your own Company is Scared Of its Own Ideas They are certainly in TROUBLED WATE…
  11. General Does anyone know if any more kmart stores will be closing in the near future?

    More store closings were in the paper today including Mygofer.
  12. General Quality issues with Route 66 Jeans

    I like the fit and look of Route 66 jeans.Now that its been mentioned I do have problems with the barn door on them.I also have problems with the pockets getting holes in them.
  13. General Why do only some Kmart stores have mygofer?

    It looks as if Mygofer is going 6 feet under!
  14. General Mygofer has closed....

    I read a story that the store never attracted any customers.They even had a brief promotion on local local Bill Boards to go to the store and mention you seen the ad and recieve a Gallon of Milk for f…
  15. General Does anyone know if any more kmart stores will be closing in the near future?

    I read and article in a Detroit news papper that was about troubled retailers closing locations.In the article the number was 175-225 Kmarts closing and 90-125 Sears stores closing in 2013.That would …
  16. General KDollar Information and Locations. Check it out to see if one is near you!

    Nice srory and Picture of the New Store in the Feb 3 addition of The Detroit Free Press.The article mentioned thatits a well kept secret so theres not many customers yet.Maybe the free press article w…
  17. General I'm hearing that the Charlevoix, MI Kmart is closing? Has not been announced anywhere but from what I am finding out on the internet that's whats been happening lately. The community actually stopped Walmart from coming in several years ago so this would really be a slap in the face.

    I heard somwhere that there going back in tne Dime Store Format and converting Kmarts to Kresces Stores.Also Sears is shedding stores and going back in the Mail Order Catalog Buisness.Its there Roots …
  18. General The New Site Is Very Modern When Do You Plan On Upgrading Your Stores To Compare ????

    Please Answer the Post not the comments.I have asked many Questions that always seem to go unanswered.I also mention the Harrison store on here Quite often its 4 miles from my Home.I've lived in this …
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