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  1. Holidays & Parties My pre-approval code is B87VCKY. It's now saying I need a new one. Please help!

    In order to get a new approval number you have to re-appply 9 out o9f 10 it will be denied. I had same problem and I know several others once re applied got denied.
  2. Home & Family denied for why not lease. I meet the requirements 1000 or more income and over 18. Also have a checking account with debit card Decent credit. Just purchased 2012 car alone with other recent approval. The guy at the store said it was something like a rent to own program. Ok. So why am i reading that so many people are being denied. I called the 1800 number issued to me. I was told to send an email and i would get a explanation of why I was denied. Did that 5 times no response. Not even in my spam inbox. My mother was approved with poor credit. She even has a repossession in the last year and no verifiable income. Maybe the people with poor credit can get approved and people with decent credit get denied. Because looking at this website seems like a lot of people are being denied. Really giving kmart a bad name.

    I also called several times and sent several emails no response. Then whoever on this site always respond back with same response which is to call 1.855.949.6685 or email kmart@whynotleaseit.com, whic…
  3. Saving Money Anyone know if the Lease to own system back up and running?

    This system is not correct, seems as people thats being honest and works getting denied. When I know several people that has no jobs got approved with no problems.
  4. Home & Family I was preapproved now I have to reapply why? The system was down my 10 days is up today. kmart worker said come back when system come up. I hear you all up and running but have to reapply

    I had same problem, guess what while system was down those who was pre-approved got kicked out of system and has to re-apply, however; when you do reapply its getting denied. Im very disappointed with…
  5. Home & Family Hi I went to apply for the why not lease it I was denied because someone elses name appeared on or under my ss # I show proof of my ss# and driver # what do I do abt this

    I was pre-approved for $660 had 10 days to use it, however every time I went to Kmart to use my credit what I was needing to purchase was out of stock. The last day i tried to use my credit Kmart why …