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  1. General My name is Alicia W, and I would like to take the opportunity to share the recent horrible holiday shopping experience I had with Kmart/Sears organization. On Thanksgiving I awoke early at 5am to take advantage of your "door buster" sales. From the start I had numerous problems with your website freezing, and timing out, having to re-enter the site numerous times, by the time I did get ready to check out most items I had originally chosen and were in my cart, were no longer available. It took me 5hrs and I ended up with 4 separate orders, 430643949, 430643949, 430722280, and 430722303, and I had layaway shipping fees, which were not clearly explained in all the marketing, the "like, like, like," commercials, every 5-10 mins, anyhow those fees where over $70.00 and my orders totaled close to $600. So in the beginning I committed a large amount of my holiday spending money to this organization.

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